Rick Ross - "Nobody"

Rick Ross’s Biggie Smalls corpse-humpery levels have always been strong, but they reach record levels with “Nobody,” a song from his new album Mastermind. The song is more or less a remake of “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You),” a classic from Biggie’s Life After Death, right down to the part where Diddy (credited, in true retro form, as “Puff Daddy”) yells triumphant nonsense. French Montana sing-raps the hook in that Eeyore delivery of his, and Ross ably paints himself as a larger-than-life figure. It’s a deeply silly song, and a weaker one than the previously-shared Mastermind cuts “The Devil Is A Lie” and “War Ready,” but it still gets the job done. Listen below.

Mastermind is out 3/4 on Def Jam. If you’s a jealous motherfucker, you’s a weak motherfucker, you weak, jealous motherfucker.

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  1. These modern day emcees are sooooo original.

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