Rap nerds already know that Jungle is Nas’s knucklehead brother and a member of his Bravehearts crew; you may remember him being gross about sex on “Oochie Wally.” JUNGLE., however, is something else: A London synth-funk crew with a teeming membership and a freshly inked contract with XL Recordings. Their forthcoming single “Busy Earnin’” is the stuff of which midday music-festival dance parties are made. Listen below.

The “Busy Earnin’” single is out 4/7 on XL.

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  1. JUNGLE is pretty good and I like the track. It has a good vibe, hook, and headbobbin groove but it is a lot like their other song “Platoon”. Kinda like the more upbeat cousin to the that track.

  2. is it me – or is there something strange about these guys always strategically placing black men in their press shots when they are not in fact that?

  3. What makes you say they’re not black? They’ve never revealed what they look like as far as I know

  4. Funky cool videos. Funky cool vibes. I love it all.

  5. The vibe is sooo good

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