Lily Allen

Lily Allen is in the eyebrow-raising business as much as the hit-making business — she’s great at both, as exemplified by “Hard Out Here” and the controversy that followed in its wake — and her work has always been a postmodern commentary on pop music as much as pop music itself. So it makes perfect sense that she’s chosen Sheezus as the title of her next LP. According to MTV, Allen is expected to reveal the title in an interview with BBC One’s Graham Norton tonight. “It’s a confident title choice and a little nod to Kanye West,” Allen reportedly tells Norton. (As you might have read on Stereogum, Kanye West released an album called Yeezus last year.)

Sheezus is due out this year on Parlophone.

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  1. Now all that’s left is for Weird Al to release his next album and call it “Cheezus”

  2. Hopefully this is the ‘Flockaveli’ of pop music.

  3. I love the smell of a good troll in the morning.


  5. can’t wait to hear Ye’s rant on this.

  6. I’m in a Squeeze cover band called SQUEEZEus. Maybe we should hook up with Lily. I know she covered Up The Junction once.

  7. This was bound to happen eventually.

  8. Lily Allen is lucky that everyone likes her, or this would probably be construed as a white pop singer clumsily critiquing hip-hop.

  9. This one kinda probably should have gone to Nicki Minaj

  10. Whack as fuck.

  11. Lily Allen wins life.

  12. Can’t wait for the Weezer comeback album “Weezus”

  13. So British of her. Love it.

  14. this makes me more nauseated than the new Xiu Xiu video

  15. And when Modest Mouse releases their album they’ll call it Meezus

  16. A little nod to Kanye?????????

  17. I Can’t Wait To Hear White Skinhead

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