Miley Cyrus & The Flaming Lips @ Staples Center 2/22/14

Miley Cyrus has long been a fan of the Flaming Lips. She’s been tweeting their lyrics for years and has called Wayne Coyne one of her favorite artists of all time. For his part, the OKC psych-rock band’s leader has tweeted at Cyrus, too and gave her props in a recent interview. So last night’s live collaboration at the Staples Center does not come as a huge surprise. With all its furries, props, and confetti, the Bangerz tour actually has a lot in common with a Lips concert. Still, it is sort of strange to behold.

“I hope I could inspire you guys as much as the Flaming Lips have inspired me and encouraged me to always be myself and to make music because I love it,” Cyrus said before introducing Coyne and Steven Drozd. Coyne wore an orange suit with a pink tail and carried a giant, silver FUCK YEAH ballon. The group performed the Lips’ “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1″ with her band. After, Coyne joked that he fucked it up and was still drunk from hanging out with 2 Chainz (and Peaking Lights) at the previous night’s show.

Watch the performance of “Yoshimi” below.

It was the 31st anniversary of the Lips’ first show.

Earlier in the concert, Cyrus climbed into the front row to plant a kiss on Katy Perry.

She also turned OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” into a country ballad…

The Bangerz tour opening acts are Sky Ferreira and Icona Pop. On Thursday night, Ferreira fell one song into her set and needed 60 stitches.

It’s only four nights into a four month tour, so this is probably not the last time we’ll be hearing about it.

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  1. She seems really earnestly into Flaming Lips. That’s pretty cool. She is also wearing a shirt that has her own face on it so

    • Drugs are bayd, mmkay.
      I doubt he would have done any of this if he wasn’t stoned out of his mind. He looks a bit ridiculous…more ridiculous than her at that venue. He was probably the oldest person there including the ushers.

  2. I find this a little unsettling.

  3. Her voice is different sounding than I thought it would.

  4. That Hey Ya! cover would’ve been epic if Andre had entered during the piece.

  5. That’s as strange a musical pairing as Bing and Bowie or Ozzy and Miss Piggy.

    Or this:

  6. Call me when she plays Yoshimi Pt. 2

  7. I’m still not over the cancelling of Lip$ha

  8. At first I thought that shirt was the cover of In the Court of the Crimson King, which kinda make sense. I was disappointed to see that, no, it was just her face.

    However, given Ms. Cyrus’ curious musical appetites, I do expect to see her tweet “I repeat myself under stress I repeat myself under stress I repeat myself under stress” at some point in the next year or two.

  9. From memory Ted in Scrubs did a pretty cool sad-ballad acoustic version of Hey Ya on the show in the final season. Maybe she’s a fan.

  10. “kerry perry” is so hot.

  11. “Hey Ya” to “Jolene.” How about that transition?

  12. she probably is like “Yo! entourage cool hipster kids, What’s cool to say that i listen to that’s dope so I look like i know music so I don’t look like more of an asshole than I already am? Radiohead? Flaming Lips? aighht! they my new favorite bands!”. This pavlov conditioning of combining flaming lips with miley will either make you hate the flaming lips or love miley. This cover of Yoshimi makes me hate the Flaming Lips. And I love the flaming lips.

    • Yo, what if you already liked both the flaming lips AND miley *gasp I know so crazy* does this mean I have to hate both of them or…?

      sounds like some indie purist bs.

  13. I pretty sure Miley likes girls too. Cool!

  14. It’s true, no one could have known what went on at the sold-out Staples Center and in Rolling Stone magazine without grabbing it from a random other website.

  15. I don’t know if this is Sky’s influence or what but go girl.

  16. hey Miley, the songs called “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1″ not “Yoshimi.’

    seems contrived

  17. Man, these comments.

    I thought it was pretty cool.

  18. This was all very clever

  19. make it stop.

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