The Horrors - Luminous

Earlier today, gothy British post-punkers the Horrors announced some details of their upcoming fourth LP: It will be called Luminous (that’s the cover art above), and it will be released on May 5. It’s the band’s first album since 2011′s Skying, and as frontman Faris Badwan told NME, “This is the album I’ve been most excited about releasing. I think it would be misleading to say it’s got more guitars or more synths, because half the time the guitars sound like synths anyway. Is it fair to say there’s more of everything?” The band just debuted a song from Luminous (notably not a single, which isn’t surprising as it’s seven and a half minutes long) on Zane Lowe’s BBC 1 radio show. The epic “I See You” opens as an unusually clearheaded and dance-y track for the Horrors, with a lilting Britpoppy melody, but all that gives way to spectral, deeply tripped-out second half worthy of Spiritualized or early Deerhunter. You can check it out below.

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  1. “…deeply tripped-out second half worthy of Spiritualized or early Deerhunter.”

    “A+” M. Nels, you know how to call ‘em.

    Just when I thought I couldn’t get more excited about 2014 releases… can’t wait.

    “Primary Colours” and “Skying” are two albums I constantly find myself listening to well past their release. I’m sure “Luminous” will be no different.

  2. Hot damn! I’ve been frantically searching for this for the past hour and of course, I can depend on you guys to help me quench my thirst first. Such a glorious first single (amazing how their music has gone from pitch black to primary colours to the limits of the rainbow in the sky to a place over the rainbow that only the inventors of Crayola, Judy Garland, Pink Floyd, Jerry Garcia, and Jimi Hendrix have ever experienced). I can’t wait to get Luminous on Cinco de Mayo.

  3. this is great

  4. It took about 5 seconds for this to be the best thing I’ve heard this year so far. Just brilliant

  5. Let The Psych Furs bleed out! Damn, this is ear candy. I even feel a little early hopped up ‘Northern Soul’ Verve workin here, which really, can’t ever be a bad thing.

  6. Naturally, I love it.

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