HAIM - "If I Could Change Your Mind" Video

The HAIM juggernaut continues! In their latest video, which we’ve been anticipating, Danielle, Este, and Alana display some impressive dance moves courtesy of choreographer Fatima Robinson (Save The Last Dance, Dreamgirls, many Aaliyah videos). Warren Fu directed. It’s a lot of fun to watch and will birth an avalanche of GIFs.

Days Are Gone is out now on Columbia.

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  1. i mean, this is perfect.

  2. shit this is incredible

  3. this makes so much sense.

  4. I can’t wait for the same people who thought the “Bound 2″ video was serious to come out in droves like “what!? They CAN’T be serious!” And then for the “well if it’s a well made, fun, enjoyable video, then ISN”T it serious?” thing to happen. And then the “no, they’re just having fun and riffing off of some 90′s music video tropes” response to that. And then the “but still, it’s a pop song with a professionally strategized and executed video, so by definition it’s ‘serious’ in the sense that it’s not just a total joke” response.

    Modern popular culture confuses and frightens me. But this video is great.

  5. *learns this dance. dances in mirror forever.*

  6. Someone sure loves Pat Benatar.

  7. Wait, didn’t we leave out ‘Indie Crush’ on the end-of-year ballot so we could do it for Valentine’s Day? What happened with that?

  8. As always, Haim is flawless. This isn’t my favorite song of theirs, but only because “Forever,” “Falling,” “The Wire,” “Don’t Save Me,” and “Days Are Gone” are so good. (Damn, that album is stacked.)

  9. Holy shit! I need to learn this dance.

  10. best song on the album, perfectly complimentary video aesthetic.

  11. This is how you make a perfect pop video!

  12. Just workin on some dance moves…

  13. Last Nite Girl Edition.



  16. I had no idea Haim was into shark-jumping.

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