Kanye West Visits "Late Night with Seth Meyers"

Last time Kanye West was on late-night TV, he embarked on an epic monologue while Jimmy Kimmel looked on in amusement and/or amazement. Last time Kanye performed music on late-night TV, he brought an astounding take on “Bound 2″ to Fallon. Before that, he unleashed a “Black Skinhead” blitzkrieg on SNL (“New Slaves” too!). If you want to throw primetime TV in there, there was also a rad “Blood On The Leaves” at the VMAs. The point is this: When Kanye shows up on TV, it’s usually something special. Tuesday night, Kanye brought his voluble repartee and his electric stage presence on the second episode of the nascent Late Night With Seth Meyers, and it was special indeed.

First up was the interview: Kanye discussed the liberating power of the Yeezus tour’s notorious Margiela mask, compared his fashion design to sculpting with marble (and related it to his synesthesia), and reiterated his desire to expand into new creative fields, saying he felt like he needed bigger shoes. Though really, can the guy’s shoes get any bigger? He also discussed the influence of baby North on his approach to life and the need for profanity to get his point across, comparing himself to nudity on European TV, Quentin Tarantino, and an agent of chaos in the system. They capped the interview segment by re-airing an old SNL sketch in which Kanye crashes the awards presentation at a pumpkin show.

After Russell Wilson showed up for a Super Bowl victory lap, Kanye returned for a victory lap of his own, performing a career-spanning medley that including one song each from all his albums except Watch The Throne, which he’s agreed not to perform without Jay Z present. Bits of “Jesus Walks,” “Touch The Sky,” “Stronger,” “Heartless,” “All Of The Lights,” and “Mercy” segued into a furious “Black Skinhead,” F-bomb included. It lacked the pageantry of the Yeezus tour, but it was yet another reminder of how much ground this guy’s covered in the past decade.

Find videos of the full interview and the performance below.

(via MissInfo)

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  1. Way ahead of ya

  2. where’s the f-bomb?

  3. kanye’s a revolutionary; i love that he continually pushes himself, pushes the envelope, and challenges the status quo. can’t wait to see where he is in five years as an entrepreneur and an artist in general, not just a producer/ rapper.

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  5. Performance was awesome. True talent.

  6. Steven Thomas Stienstra  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2014 +11

    Is it just me or does Kanye seem to have a bit of Bruce circa Born in the USA style going on here?

  7. Awesome karaoke set bro.

  8. This is funny, from Late Night’s tumblr:

    So Kanye West just signed our production coordinator’s framed embroidered Kanye tweet.

  9. Music was great. That interview though…What on earth was all that drivel? It’s like his mouth can’t quite keep up with his brain.

  10. Where did seth get that Yeezus vinyl? Just looked like a picture printed on a white piece of paper.

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