House of Good

James Murphy has been talking about selling his own blend of coffee ever since LCD Soundsystem was first breaking up, and a few months ago, he announced that he was done tinkering and the coffee was ready to go. And so it is. As Esquire reports (via Brooklyn Vegan), Murphy and the Blue Bottle Coffee Company founder James Freeman have collaborated on a new espresso blend called House Of Good, a name that doesn’t even lend itself to a good “Daft Punk Is Playing At My…” pun.

The blend is actually named after the café/retail space that Murphy has long talked about opening in Brooklyn. Blue Bottle calls the blend a “supremely balanced espresso” and describes its taste thus: “Its flavor profile – dried cherry, cocoa, meyer lemon – is a harmony between the voluptuous and the austere: It’s akin to the second movement of Carl Nielsen’s Symphony No. 3 – or, perhaps, to that buzzing, syncopated synth line from ’Dance Yrself Clean.’ Depends on which James you ask.”

The espresso is available now at Blue Bottle’s newly open shop in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, and you can also order it online now. It will run you a crazy-expensive $26 a pound, so it better be good.

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  1. this explains why his music has always left a bitter taste in my mouth.

  2. I bought 2 pounds of this product. I can no longer afford to have Daft Punk play at my house.

  3. There’s a Mr. Coffee brewing at my house….my house

  4. We get it, James. You read GQ. Congrats.

  5. 26$ a pound? Nope. Fuck you. I’d rather just get the most expensive blend at whole foods for $16. It would probably taste ten times better.

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