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Owen Pallett’s original score for Her, performed by his former bandmates Arcade Fire, is up for an Oscar this weekend, but the masterful songwriter and composer has shifted his attention to new projects. His next album, In Conflict, is coming out in May, and today he’s revealed the video for lead single “The Riverbed.” Musically, it’s a torrential swirl of strings and percussion that, on first pass, stands among Pallett’s finest compositions. Director Eva Michon’s video is nearly as striking as the music; it follows a middle aged man through events including a date, an untimely encounter, and what appears to be a Rocky-like training regimen with revenge in mind. Make sense of it below, where you’ll also find a lyric video for the more understated In Conflict offering “On A Path.”

In Conflict is out 5/13 on Domino.

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  1. The fact that I’m the first person to comment on this makes everyone else just seem like boring nerds. This is awesome and more people should give a fuck!

  2. ps. No mention of Brian Eno’s involvement in “On A Path”?

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