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This week we reviewed albums from Schoolboy Q, Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi, and Lakutis. We celebrated the 20th and 10th anniversaries of Mellow Gold and The Grey Album, respectively, and ranked the White Stripes’ 10 best songs. James Murphy made news with new coffee and vinyl and detailed his dream of new turnstiles. We spoke to Mastodon’s Troy Sanders and Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s Kip Berman about their bands’ upcoming LPs. We looked at the month in metal and in soundtracks. And speaking of soundtracks, there are a bunch of Stereogummy artists (Karen O, Pharrell, U2, Arcade Fire) nominated for Oscars so join us back here on Sunday if any of them win and you wanna talk about it. Play us out, Billy


#9 rejectedjeffdunhampuppet | Feb 21st Score:23

Too bad he grew from troll to straight-up lunatic. For some reason he was tolerated here and he took it for granted. Now he sits alone in the dark whispering through clenched teeth, “you win, raptor jesus”

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#8 Scott Lapatine | Feb 26th Score:26

This is funny, from Late Night’s tumblr:

So Kanye West just signed our production coordinator’s framed embroidered Kanye tweet.

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Feb 21st Score:27

sorry just wanted to see if it was auto or something

carry on

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#6 HartfordTheWhale | Feb 26th Score:28

Ohh Suzanne, Suzanne, you’ve come to the wrong place.

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#5 Harveyz01 | Feb 25th Score:30

Good to know Chris Martin finally discovered Bon Iver in 2013.

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#4 honlads | Feb 21st Score:31

Dude went out in the middle of a streak of 2 lowest rated sweeps. Unheard of.

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#3 Scott Lapatine | Feb 21st Score:35

This Fucked Up album better be worth all the headaches it caused me this week.

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Reid Aaron Kerley | Feb 21st Score:38

Now all that’s left is for Weird Al to release his next album and call it “Cheezus”

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Feb 21st Score:43

Can I just tell everyone a story?

I was at the local dive bar, where all of us super-cool kids drink Yuengling and 6 dollar PBR pitchers, talking to my friend Leo about music. But, not really about music — more about Pitchfork reviews of music. It was tantamount to what we’re doing here right now in this comment thread. Our friend Marianne came over to the table, and asked us what we’re talking about. We said, “You know, just music geek shit, whatever.” She said, “Oh yeah? Which bands?” Then we tell her we’re actually talking about the politics of music scoring and what albums we think are going to get BNMs and which ones aren’t. She scrunched her face and condescendingly giggled. She said, “Wait, so you’re not actually talking about music, but music reviews?”

Marianne got up and left the table.

Leo brushed it off, but for me, that moment lingered like must. We certainly weren’t talking about music, we were talking about the people who take the music and use it to create frivolous Internet numbers. Then you think about how not-so-frivolous those numbers are, seeing as to how sites like Pitchfork and Stereogum are worth a fucking fortune. And that’s just weird! It’s not that I don’t appreciate these sites, it’s just how the fuck did I go from listening to music because I love nothing else more on this Earth (except for maybe Final Fantasy) to listening to music so I can just tell people what I thought of it, or talk about what other people thought of it? That’s not what that shit’s for, homies. It’s just not.

So the next morning, I decided to take these feelings and use them to get back on my grind as a musician and stop paying so much attention to the propagation of the holy music canon. I got out my M-Track and my bass and my synths and my mics and whatever else I had laying around from when I actually cared about that shit, downloaded some DAW software and just let whatever happen. I got a couple tracks out that I knew weren’t my best but I was still proud of. Put it on Bandcamp and shared it with my friends on Facebook, and most of them liked it. Matt Adams called me a hipster and said that the music “burned his Facebook feed” and then unfriended me, so that was funny. A girl I’m hopelessly insane for (and honestly trying to avoid) came up to me at the same bar weeks later and told me she loved it. I had people I don’t know telling me they liked it. I still feel shitty, though.

Anyway, I’m not trying to plug anything, I just kind of wanted somewhere to write this.

Most of you probably won’t pay any attention, and that’s totally okay, because I love you all the same.

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#5 miguelito1 | Feb 25th Score:-11

Coldplay on Stereogum. Coming next, posting Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway songs?

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#4 carcrashkiss | Feb 25th Score:-11

Who gives a shit about Coldplay anyway?

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#3 carcrashkiss | Feb 25th Score:-13

Hello then, spokesperson for the entire globe listening to relevant popular music.

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Manel Menano | Feb 25th Score:-16

Shitty VERY unoriginal song, blatant ripoff

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Suzanne Emilienne Stewart | Feb 26th Score:-42

Kanye West is SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. This is not rap, this is not music, this is total crap!!!!!!! He is so arrogant and ends up a blathering idiot. How could anyone pay one cent for anything this jerk, this not talented, screaming meme bitch, would “produce?” Give us a break!

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Craig Freeman | Feb 27th Score:6

What!?! Why wasn’t I notified of the meeting? This sucks.

Thanks, Obama.

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  1. #truedetectiveseason2

  2. Suzanne may have been in the wrong place, but “screaming meme bitch” is something I’d never read before her post. That’s gotta count for something.

  3. I had an interesting internal debate this week about whether or not certain bands were grunge (since I’m writing my term paper on the grunge era) and figured I’d get the ‘gum’s opinion on who’s grunge and who isn’t. I know there’s a lot of debate about whether some “grunge” artists were actually grunge; in fact, pretty much everyone labeled under that category save L7, Screaming Trees, Hole, Mudhoney, Nirvana, and maybe a few others. could have a case for being a different genre. Alice in Chains and Soundgarden could be called metal/hard rock, Pearl Jam could be arena rock I guess, Smashing Pumpkins are more alternative/shoegaze-y. I dunno, I just thought I’d hear what other people had to say and this was the only place I could think of starting a discussion.

    • A term paper on the grunge era? Kid, quit wastin’ everyone’s time and take some goddamn science classes or something.

      PS. Get off my lawn.

    • I think that’s because it was more of a fluid term to categorize (and later sell) some bands that had a hard time being labeled in the age of genre-specific radio ? Kind of like alternative and indie. Anyways, I don’t know, the only thing I know is that the last great bad to successfully pull off grunge is this one:

    • Too busy swinging on the flippity flop to answer.

      (That said, I agree that ‘grunge’ is applied *way* to liberally and there are really only 5-10 actual grunge bands.)

    • When I was 19 I got high and drove home listening to the radio between stations on full blast. I don’t remember what station it was but it was mostly static with very few whispers of audible music, but I didn’t realize until I got home. I honestly thought it was supposed to sound like that at the time. The whole time I thought I was listening to grunge. People would stare at me from other cars and stare and I just thought, “man, looks like these people have never seen a Mexican dude listening to grunge before.” Anyways, that’s why I don’t smoke weed anymore.

    • I’m on the fence on this one. If you had asked the question 20 years ago, I’d say al the above (except for the Pumpkins). But I just don’t know anymore these days. I think placing bands in certain genres are kinda ridiculous now these days (i.e. NIN nominated in Alternative album category for the Grammys). How can you place some bands in a particular genre these days? How can one classify bands such as Death Grips? Purity Ring? Trust? Pharmakon? The lines are so blurry these days and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    • You gotta talk about the Pixies.

    • Just a few off the top of my head that weren’t mentioned… Mother Love Bone, Green River, TAD, Seaweed… basically a lot of old school bands that were on Sub Pop.

    • I always felt Alice in Chains were grunge. One guy in high school called them sludge-metal, which I’ve always seen as the other term for grunge.

      • I’ve always considered AIC grunge as well. More on the metal side of grunge, but still grunge nonetheless. I’m a huge AIC fan… or well, WAS a huge fan before the whole rebirth of the band with the new singer. They were pretty much the stepping stone for the younger me to dig deeper into the “grunge era” and discover most of the bands mentioned above.

  4. Suzanne seems like a typical Facebook Pitchfork post commenter.

    Does anyone else read the comments on Pitchfork FB posts and want to punch 90% of those pretentious pricks? Saying WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU PITCHFORK YOU USED TO BE COOL….**UNFOLLOW** (when they post an interview with Pharrell).

  5. I’m going to just say it. Matt Adams seems like a real jerk. I’m sorry about my language, but don’t you dare censor this comment Stereogum.

  6. So how about the fact that of this weeks’s amazing releases, only St. Vincent got Best New Music over at P4K? I mean, they don’t matter that much to me, and SV would have been my first pick to, but I was still interested to see that. All those albums are great. I’ve had Morning Phase on repeat for sure.

    • It’s a bit of a joke that all those albums weren’t over 8.0. It’s been a fantastic week of releases.
      If “Lost In The Dream” doesn’t get at least 9.5 then… it won’t matter… but still, it would be nice for p4k to recognise such a tremendous album with a good score. But scores are BS… ahhhh how can you give a piece of art a score anyway? Mona Lisa: 7.3… Girl With a Pearl Earring: 8.1.

      Just thinking out loud.

      • Come on, Mona Lisa is defenatily BNA and you know it!!

        • Don’t blame me. Blame p4k.

          • “I look at these paintings with a kind of passing happiness, surprised by how easily Da Vinci can still make me smile, vaguely saddened by the idea that a smile is probably the most complex emotional response he’ll get from me. Mona Lisa isn’t all that different in spirit from 1498′s The Last Supper, which is to say that it’s less jammy and long-winded than either Virgin of the Rocks or Adoration of the Magi but essentially the product of the same mischievous brain. Most of it looks sort of like ’70s guild paintings rendered as some kind of ergonomic desk toy: compact, brightly colored, unlikely to stir the depths of the soul but nifty nevertheless.”

          • “The ubiquity of the Mona Lisa sometimes overshadows just how idiosyncratic and distinct Da Vinci’s style was in that era. That said, it’s far more interesting from a visual perspective than its often given credit for. While it may, at times, be reminiscent of a USB vacuum cleaner or a fluorescent Newton’s cradle, the painting still retains the power to make one involuntarily evacuate one’s bowels upon sight. Practically, not ideal, but artistically, mesmerising.”

          • Perfect!
            +1 for [REDACTED]
            +500000 for no google+ shares

      • Just imagine what they’d give Ringo Starr’s “paintings.” ( for those who hate their eyes.)

        Of course, we know Rolling Stone and NME would eat it up.

    • Pitchfork also gave the new album by some pop-emo-punk band called the Hotelier an 8.2. Let it sink in that a band that sounds not too far removed from Taking Back Sunday and the Starting Line ( achieved more praise than Beck, Schoolboy Q, Neneh Cherry and the reissue of a Bob Mould classic, and then tell me that Pitchfork review scores and BNM tags matter at all anymore.

      I’m not here to stick around, but just wanted to be the bearer of good news that new Cloud Nothings album has leaked.

      • SAW THAT. Looking so hard for this leak. Have you given it a listen?

      • The second Taking Back Sunday record is considerably better than this. And Brand New would laugh them out of the room.

      • I actually like Hotelier, but then again, I really liked Taking Back Sunday in high school.

        Your critique of the band strikes me as obnoxious in the exact same way that people stereotype Pitchfork as being, which is to say you think a band that “sounds not too far removed from [something uncool]” cannot deserve an 8.2 whereeas “[much cooler albums that sound more "relevant," whatever-the-fuck-that-means]” should presumably get higher scores. But mining cool source material for your band’s sound doesn’t make your band cool, and it certainly doesn’t make your songs well-written or satisfying.

        Not saying you have to like Hotelier or that you can’t take up for Beck, just that you should pay more attention to what a band does within it’s chosen style rather than just deciding that some styles are cool and others are not and that’s how we evaluate records from now on.

    • 6,8 for Morning Phase? Bitch. Fucking. Please.

      • Well when you look at what they gave the rest of his records:

        Modern Guilt – 7.0
        The Information – 6.9 (deluxe – 7.4 [!?])
        Guero – 6.6 (-lito – 6.2)
        Sea Change – 6.9

        I guess we could’ve seen it coming. Hell, the “Odelay” deluxe edition only got an 8.5 so y’know… who fucken’ knows.

        • Maybe I’m just not a Beck fan but I don’t see how any of those scores are some kind of objective travesty. They are on the positive side of lukewarm. That;’s how I feel about a solid half or more of the music I have heard in my life.

    • i thought a 6.8 for morning phase was pretty generous. i’m a huge beck fan and i could only find three or four worthwhile songs on there.

  7. Am I still banned?

  8. Is it just me or did the Gum fail to pick up on the announcement of Eno’s new record?

  9. So this week I discovered James Iha’s album from 2012, which is called Look To The Sky and is good. I also got a James Brown best of which has FIFTY songs (although many are Part 1) and it is amazing.

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