Bruce Springteen And The E Street Band In Auckland

At his Australian concerts last month, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band surprised fans with covers of Aussie bands like AC/DC, INXS, and the Bee Gees. And when the tour rolled into Auckland today, the Boss had a New Zealand-bred song up his sleeve. It’s a tune you might be familiar with! Springsteen opened his set at Mt. Smart Stadium with a solo acoustic take on Lorde’s “Royals,” tweaking the lyrics a bit (e.g., “You can call me king bee”). Watch some fan-captured video below.

He’ll play Auckland again tomorrow and return to the States next month.

[Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty.]

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  1. Springsteen could hum his weekly shopping list and it would still sound life changing. Love him!

  2. Normally I would cringe at an acoustic folky cover of a song like this, but The Boss gets a pass in my book.

    Also, the populist themes of the lyrics go pretty well with his everyman working class persona. (Even though one may argue Springsteen might as well be royalty in the US and especially Jersey.)

  3. yeah. he fuckin nailed it.

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    • It’s not really as if Lorde was rolling in it before she released music though.

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    • Musicians embellish their backgrounds ALL THE TIME in order to tell a good story. It’s not even a recent phenomenon; it’s been happening for centuries. It’s silly to crucify Lorde for that fact.

      Tbqh, I don’t understand why Ella’s background even matters when it comes to this song; it’s not like it has to be autobiographical to carry weight to it, or to be good. I never believed she’d “never seen a diamond in the flesh” even when I heard the song for the first time and had no idea who Lorde was, but that hasn’t stopped me from appreciating this song, or her.

      • The original just struck me as contrived and obvious, yet I thought Bruce covering it actually gave it some meaning.

        • She’s a kid. And you sound jealous and like someone making up her own facts. I highly doubt the daughter of a New Zealand poetess is accustomed to rolling around in the dough.

          You’re a silly goose. Sometimes it’s best to just be quiet with your “observations.”

  5. That was pretty cool. He should play some Flight of the Conchords, though.

  6. This is so great. I can’t even tell if Bruce is being ironic.

  7. How freaking boss is that?

  8. i prefer the original version by Lorde :)

  9. He still looks younger than her.
    (sorry, I couldn’t resist…)

  10. How in the fuck did I not think I’d like this?

  11. Nice one Bruce! Check out our funk version (live band/horns) if that’s your thing…

  12. Puddles pity party did it better. Check it out. I also think it’s lame that he can’t say “you can call me QUEEN bee” changing it to “you can call me KING bee” That makes no sense. There is no such thing as a king bee… dang it Bruce, just sing the song it doesnt have to be about you, it’s a song.

  13. I may have been Slim Harpo who first said he was a king bee.

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