John Darnielle - Wolf In White Van

If you’ve spent enough time listening to the Mountain Goats, you know that frontman John Darnielle has a remarkable gift for short, economical, evocative fictions that come in the form of songs. He’s gone longer, too; his book in the 33 1/3 series, about Black Sabbath’s Master Of Reality, is structured as a novella about a troubled kid and the terrible ways that the world treats him, and it absolutely devastated me. So it’s amazing, wonderful news that Darnielle has just announced plans to publish his first novel, Wolf In White Van.

As Darnielle has announced on his Tumblr, Farrar, Strauss & Giroux will publish Wolf In White Van this fall. On the novel, editor Sean McDonald writes:

There are many things worth singling out for praise in Wolf in White Van :the unforgettable main character, Sean Phillips, who has been isolated by a disfiguring injury since age seventeen; Trace Italian, the intricate game within the novel that Sean created and runs; the interplay of real and imagined worlds, which is both complex and heartbreaking; the structure of the storytelling‚ÄĒaudacious, brilliant, and never anything but convincing and unreasonably suspenseful; the prose itself, which is precise and beautiful and (forgive me) lyrical.

I am excited, and you should be too. Read more from McDonald about the book here.

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  1. Did anybody catch the “Up the Wolves” scene in “The Walking Dead” this week? It was strange for me, because I have probably listened to that song several thousand times over the course of the last decade, so I couldn’t tell if it worked for the scene or not. It’s like the song forced my brain into an old groove that disconnected me from the show, which will obviously not be a problem for most viewers.

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