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A ton of people — HAIM, Angel Haze, London Grammar, Sondre Lerche — have covered Miley Cyrus’s world-beating tearjerker “Wrecking Ball,” and there’s a reason for that; it’s a fucking great song. Our latest “Wrecking Ball” interpreters are British art-rockers Wild Beasts, who did a trebley acoustic version of the song while they were doing an in-store set at New York’s Other Music on Monday. They played it for laughs, which is a bit annoying, but they’re still good singers, and it’s still a great song. Watch it below.

Wild Beasts’ new album Present Tense is out now on Domino.

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  1. Do you actually find that annoying?

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      • Tom, if I could give you all the thumbs up in the world for that comment, I would.

        • Well a Mercury Prize nomination would beg to differ.
          Plus Wrecking Ball wasn’t even written by miss Cyrus.

        • Wait, why am I defending one of the best indie bands around against Miley Cyrus on Stereogum?

          • Because Tom trolled you into doing so. Nothing against Mrs. Cyrus (she is more talented than her critics give her credit for being) but in my opinion, you really could have linked to any of Wild Beasts songs in this argument. However, Tom doesn’t like “art rock” (he thinks they are pretentious), so I don’t see anyone convincing him otherwise. Very sad because I wholeheartedly agree with your statement about them being one of the best (singing, writing, playing, and performing) and more creative bands going at the moment.

  2. I would say that WB have done this cover for French and Irish radio pretty seriously, and they have been complimentary about the song in interviews. I think the attitude here was in response to the audience bursting into laughter pretty much as soon as they started the song, which you can’t see in this vid. I was annoyed by the crowd reaction, and to an extent the lads playing on that reaction, but when they’ve knuckled down on this track for radio they have treated it with respect.

  3. Auto  |   Posted on Mar 7th 0

    Every time I hear Miley Cyrus sing this I think ‘ah this is shite’ but whenever a good band sings it I love it. Go figure.

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