Run The Jewels

Rap duo and all-around-BFFs Run The Jewels hit harder than anybody in terms of pure rap aggression last year, and now they show that off with this video of the title track from their 2013 LP. El-P and Killer Mike are Hulked-out in green with cartoon effects distorting their faces, but this video could have just been them set up in front of a mounted camera and it would have been great. Together these guys are one of the most charismatic things you can possibly see, and what keeps you watching isn’t the animation (though it’s cool). It’s the fact between this and the recent “Christmas Fucking Miracle” video, El and Mike look like they’re having the most fun of their entire careers. Watch it below.

Run The Jewels is out now

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  1. Still my favorite track from this record. Dat outro doe.

  2. Love the song. Love the video. Love the album. These guys can do no wrong at this point.

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