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Given that his name popped up on a number of festival bills, we’d been anticipating a new Julian Casablancas solo joint this year, and it looks like that wish is coming true. The Strokes frontman released a trailer for a new album credited to Julian Casablancas + the Voidz, which seems to suggest he’s playing with a new backing band or is just getting zany with the nomenclature. His last solo album, 2009′s Phrazes For The Young was as good or better than any of the Strokes’ post-Room On Fire LPs, and judging from these snippets of sound, the Voidz record will be a wild ride too. Check it out below.

No release date yet, but Julian Casablancas + the Voidz is coming soon on Casablancas’s label Cult Records. Here are his (mostly South American) tour dates:

3/28 Santiago, Chile @ Club De la Union
3/30 Santiago, Chile @ Lollapalooza Chile
4/1-2 Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Lollapalooza Argentina
4/3 Bogota, Colombia @ Estero Picnic
4/5 Sao Paulo, Brazil @ Lollapalooza Brazil
6/8 New York, NY @ Governors Ball

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  1. interest level: piqued.

  2. Seriously am I the ONLY person that absolutely loved Phrazes For The Young?? I still listen to that shit. Left & Right in the Dark? 11th Dimension? Out of The Blue? Glass? Tourist? River of Brakelights? 4 Chords? All jams. I’d be excited for this even if didnt watch the teaser just based on how much I loved Phrazes.

  3. AHH!H!!!!!!! this sounds so damned good already!!!!

  4. “Phrazes For The Young was as good or better than any of the Strokes’ post-Room On Fire LPs” It was a nice album, but no. I’ll fight First Impressions of Earth to the death.

    • I love both of them, and I think First Impressions was a little bit better in terms of the high points, but Phrazes was more even across the songs. If Phrazes had a Strokes’ version I think it would have sounded great.

      • I spent an hour or two one day last summer trying to make a ten song album out of FIoE because 1. I’m a jackass and 2. I thought (as I’m sure others have) that the biggest problem with the album was the excess (not necessarily filler because there are some pretty intriguing ideas on the songs I left off the final list). If you get a chance and haven’t already mangled the album yourself here is my “First (and Final) Impressions of Earth”:
        1. Ask Me Anything
        2. Electricityscape
        3. Heart in a Cage
        4. Juicy Juice
        5. Vision of Division
        6. Evening Sun
        7. Red Light
        8. Razorblade
        9. YOLO
        10. Ize of the World

        • You Only Live Once

        • Put Hawaii on there (the B side) as bonus track. And add the three that I like more that three you got on here, then it is perfect. ;)

        • I actually posted my FIOE edit on here a while ago. Mine’s:

          1. You Only Live Once
          2. Hawaii
          3. Razorblade
          4. Heart in a Cage
          5. Ask Me Anything
          6. Electricityscape
          7. Red Light
          8. Juicebox
          9. Evening Sun
          10. Ize of the World
          11. I’ll Try Anything Once

          I certainly agree that that album’s main problems have nothing to do with the actual songs. The productions a bit more clean and expensive sounding than I ever really want from the Strokes, but mainly it’s way too long (and I’d certainly say it contains filler). Also the sequencing means that, even with some good songs in there, the album feels like a slog between “Razorblade” and “Ize of the World”.

    • No no no, it’s all about Angles, even with 3 of the songs being less that spectacular.

  5. So is this the year where everyone who appeared on Random Access Memories release new albums? Are new albums from Paul Williams and Giorgio Moroder just around the corner?

  6. I wish more guys with as good pop sensibilities as Casablancas were as playful as him. All four of these previews have so many ideas crammed into them, it makes my head spin.

    (see also: Damon Albarn)

  7. Oh god this sounds awesome!!! I love the direction he seems to be taking here.

  8. I was really expecting (and, honestly, would have been kind of stoked about) a Phrazes for the Young 2. This sounds heavier. I’m into it. Bring on the release date.

  9. SO HYPED. this looks/sounds amazing

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