Catch The Throne

Though the many musical crossovers of Game Of Thrones have been more rock-based artists like the National, the Hold Steady, Sigur Rós, and that dude from Coldplay, the world of hip-hop seems to fit much better into its themes. Yesterday we got word HBO would be releasing a mixtape of Game Of Thrones-inspired hip-hop featuring Big Boi, Wale, Common, and others. Now you can hear two tracks from it.

First up is “Mother Of Dragons” by Big Boi which takes inspiration from Daenerys Targaryen which many would agree is the true heir to the Iron Throne (or is she?!). We’ve also got Wale’s GOT theme-sampling “King Slayer,” a tribute to Jaime Lannister who slew “Mad King” Aerys (but why?!). Listen to both below. No word yet if George R.R. Martin will deliver a guest verse for any of these, but we’ll have our fingers crossed.

Here’s the Catch The Throne trailer…

Catch The Throne is expected tomorrow. Season 4 of Game Of Thrones begins 4/6. The Winds Of Winter is expected no earlier than 2016.

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  1. If I wasn’t already a huge fan of GoT I’d think that these songs were almost cringe-worthy. However they did make me laugh with their tries to incorporate the series into the lyrics and their use of the theme on “King Slayer.” Although the rest hasn’t been released yet, I kind of feel like they dropped the ball on this. The artist selection could have been much better curated(and probably a lot cheaper) if they actually enlisted recent mixtape stars. Thinking about this led me to imagine how some rappers might encapsulate the characters of the show a bit better than the name-recognition rappers they selected:

    Kevin Gates: Gates would rap from the perspective of Jon Snow and do his usual emotive, cold-hearted raps about how he’s an outcast bastard son that has chosen the dangerous and lonely path of the Night’s Watch.

    Azealia Banks: considering Banks’ reputation as a provocateur, she would do great as Cersei Lannister and basically rap about how she is the queen and if you disrespect her she will have your head.

    Rick Ross: I’m not particularly a fan of Ross, but his larger-than-life persona would mesh great with that of Tywinn Lannister, the “rich forever” Hand to the King that basically runs the kingdom.

    Young Thug: although their personalities are far from a match, I think Young Thug would be great rapping in his wild, skittering flow about how he’s Bran Stark and he’s taken control of a wolf and he’s tearing apart Wildlings that have attacked his brother-from-another-mother.

    Angel Haze: she would do great with a Daenerys Targaryen song, setting free slaves, amassing an army, and wielding mother fucking DRAGONS to take back the throne.

    100′s: would go great as a rapping Lord Baelish since both are pimps.

    Danny Brown: he could rap from the viewpoint of Tyrion Lannister about his love of prostitutes and how he has his “Bruiser” Bronn rolling with him wherever he goes.

    Migos: they could just shout “Hodor” the whole song and it would be perfect.

    If this all sounds immensely cheesy, I assure you that it would still be waaaay more entertaining.

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