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Tom Krell has come a long way. His ghostly R&B concoctions as How To Dress Well used to get by on powerful mood and pioneering concept. Now the guy sings like a bird, and his production has only gotten sharper. New single “Words I Don’t Remember” is a lush cyborg sigh that will likely please Krell’s fan base and win him quite a few more admirers. Says Krell, “This song for me is about love, trust, commitment… and what happens to these things and, like, what happens to really real love when sentimentality is so co-opted and ruined. What remains of true love in this world of simulations?” Listen now.

No word on a new album yet, but if one’s coming that sounds like this, it’s time to get pumped. How To Dress Well will be touring soon with a three-piece band and openers Forest Swords:

3/17 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
3/18 Hollywood, CA @ The Roxy
3/21 Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade
3/22 Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
3/24 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
3/26 New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge
3/27 Cambridge, MA @ TT The Bears
3/28 Montreal, QC @ SAT
3/29 Toronto, ON @ The Mod Club
3/30 Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall

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  1. This is great. That coda towards the end is legendary.

  2. I absolutely don’t like his voice bare, like that. I have the same problem with other artists too, that make very atmospheric music, and then the human voice destroys all that atmosphere because it’s not processed the same way the music, so it “gets on top” of the whole listening thing. I’m personally not interesting in the human voice being the central point of the music, which is why I love music where the voice blends with the music, e.g. the old Washed Out, John Maus, the old How To Dress Well. This is just plain pop in my ears. Sure, the actual music behind is two orders of magnitude more interesting than plain pop, but the singing voice, it’s just plain R&B/pop. It’s pushing me out of the whole atmosphere.

  3. Love this man.

  4. An album from How to Dress Well in 2014, man, whew. I love Total Loss, and now I’m thinking of going to see him live in Chicago. Such a good start with this as the first song.

    His vocals are front and center, that is until the last 2 minutes of the song… when he just makes sexy sexy noises that lay on top of the ambiance then get swallowed by it. This track is so good

  5. Is anyone going to mention that the last two minutes of this song are a cover of Purple Rain??? Jesus Christ Breihan get on your shit!! I thought you were the R&B/Rap Guy?????

    GET A GRIP!!!!!!

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