Chvrches Review AlphaSphere, Skoog, Deltar

Technology is an integral part of Chvrches, whether they’re in the studio or on the stage. “We’re inspired by pieces of technology,” says band member Iain Cook. “If we get a new synthesizer or a new drum machine or a certain sound, it can trigger off the momentum for a whole stream of creative ideas that we might never have thought of if we were just sitting with an electric guitar.” The three-piece talked to The Guardian for their “Tried And Tested” series, which gets famous people to offer opinions on new tech in their field. They reviewed four new pieces of equipment, including the colorful learning tool Skoog and an instrument that the band says could be a “much-needed evolution of the traditional keyboard.” You can read the band’s thoughts on those and the Alphasphere and Deltar here, and see demonstrations of these instruments below.

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  1. Why no mention of the ROLI Seaboard in your post? It’s by far the coolest and most important instrument they tried, and the one they seemed to praise the most. “much-needed evolution of the traditional keyboard” indeed. I hope to try one myself soon.

    • he mentioned it, just not by name…which is odd, considering Martin thought it “has by far the most real-world potential. It could be really amazing.” i wanna try one too

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