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This week we watched Beck on SNL and Ezra Koenig (Ella Kzing?) on the Oscars. We got some album updates from tUnE-yArDs, Morrissey, Julian Casablancas, and Fucked Up. We reviewed new albums from Migos, Real Estate, Aloe Blacc, the Men, and Rick Ross. We ranked Iron Maiden’s albums worst to best. We spoke to Heems, Martin Courtney, and for the expansive profile that’s our latest cover story, the War On Drugs. (Eleven days until Lost In The Dream, you guys!) Soundgarden’s Superunknown and Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral both turn 20 years old tomorrow. Don’t forget to ruminate on that and ponder your mortality. But first…

Let’s dance!

The week’s best and worst comments are below.


#10 reggieohead | Mar 6th Score:17

THANK YOU THANK YOU for this piece! Not only was it a fantastic read for a Thursday morning, but it hit some personal veins as well.
I want to be a musician; it’s always been my greatest dream. But a very strict religious upbringing in a small town held me back. I never had people to play with and I always had my future planned out, due to said religion (a mission for the church, marrying and having kids, etc.).
Now, I’ve left my faith behind, but I’m married, 24, and about to graduate college in said small town. I’ll be moving to Austin, TX next year, alongside my best friend and his wife, and we plan on starting a band. I worry constantly about whether it’s foolish to still hold on to the dream of making music and even trying to pursue it as a career. I worry about whether I’ll be too old to really matter.
But reading pieces like this, about musicians who stuck to their goals of just making music because they wanted to, and found success even a little later in life, gives me SO MUCH hope. So thank you Ryan Leas, and thank you The War on Drugs. The new album is incredible, and already means so much to me.

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#9 mickrandom26 | Mar 3rd Score:17

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#8 ifeelpretty | Feb 28th Score:20

I’m only in hour 2 but this will likely end up in my top 10 siddhartha inspired jams

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Jim Rountree | Mar 4th Score:21


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#6 rejectedjeffdunhampuppet | Feb 28th Score:24


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#5 Chris Trash | Feb 28th Score:24

When I was 19 I got high and drove home listening to the radio between stations on full blast. I don’t remember what station it was but it was mostly static with very few whispers of audible music, but I didn’t realize until I got home. I honestly thought it was supposed to sound like that at the time. The whole time I thought I was listening to grunge. People would stare at me from other cars and stare and I just thought, “man, looks like these people have never seen a Mexican dude listening to grunge before.” Anyways, that’s why I don’t smoke weed anymore.

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#4 Chris Trash | Feb 28th Score:24

PS. Feel free to cite me on your report.

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#3 Scott Lapatine | Mar 2nd Score:25

Was Pharrell nominated for Best Short?


Here’s a .gif:

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#2 crania americana | Mar 1st Score:29

“I look at these paintings with a kind of passing happiness, surprised by how easily Da Vinci can still make me smile, vaguely saddened by the idea that a smile is probably the most complex emotional response he’ll get from me. Mona Lisa isn’t all that different in spirit from 1498′s The Last Supper, which is to say that it’s less jammy and long-winded than either Virgin of the Rocks or Adoration of the Magi but essentially the product of the same mischievous brain. Most of it looks sort of like ’70s guild paintings rendered as some kind of ergonomic desk toy: compact, brightly colored, unlikely to stir the depths of the soul but nifty nevertheless.”

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#1 honlads | Mar 1st Score:38

Don’t blame me. Blame p4k.

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Mike Tysoe | Mar 2nd Score:-15

Beck, I don’t like your hat (waaaaay too Amish) and I don’t like the reverb on your vocals. I used reverb on my vocals like that once for an album I did, thinking it sounded good. But I was on some kind of fucked up ego trip, just wanting to sound God-like. Stupid of me, really…

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Mike Tysoe | Mar 2nd Score:-15

Who the fuck are all these names you people are dropping? Does that make you more informed? More hipster? Or just more American? Google Andy Warstar to find out!!!

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Jack Nielsen | Feb 28th Score:-16

EMA over Cloud Nothings on any list is a catastrophe.

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Mike Tysoe | Mar 2nd Score:-16

isolation…. blah blah blah… sing about chemtrails again!!! oh wait, the zombties don’t believe in that shit, and it’s not profitable to be a rebel, so more songs about being lonely. here’s a good song lyric: “I’m ooooollllldddddd and it takes soooooo loooooooonnnnnggggg for the poooooop to come out of my buuuuuutttttttttttt…., I neeeeedddd prruuuuuunnnnneeeeessssssssss…:

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Robert Wohner | Mar 3rd Score:-17

One thing objectively worse than Coldplay’s music is commentary about Coldplay’s music. As we begin, consider following a few ground rules.

1. If you feel compelled to reference another artist, actually say why that’s relevant. “Coldplay sounds like (x), therefore (y).”
2. Explain why, after 15 years as a band but you still don’t have enough evidence to decide your feelings for Coldplay, why you’re still trying?
3. Enjoy.

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Doris Montgomery | Mar 6th Score:12

i’m glad i’m alive so i can listen to this record

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  1. Pitchfork really panned the Mona Lisa.

  2. Looking forward to feeling left out of all the SXSW action imminently. I think Stereogum has one of the best party lineups out there, but it’s going to be hard for anyone to top the Fader Fort’s booking of Jojo into Nothing.

  3. Ahhh snap. Scott beat me to the “Let’s Dance” gif dance off. Damn, his rhymes is too tight yo…

    Time to bring in reinforcements:

  4. Honlads, that was a masterpiece. I feel like it was the pinnacle of commenting and everything that follows will be an empty shell of your genius. God bless you.

    • Coming from someone who is a father figure/biological daddy to us all, the one and only donnydonny tizz tizz, this is high praise. May the good lord shine a light on you, making numerous songs your faves.

  5. I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
    (one of rap’s worst tracks!)

  6. So proud I got to help set up that comment. Good on you Honlads!

  7. I’m grateful for this opportunity to piggyback on Honlads’s excellent comment. A once in a lifetime opportunity, that.

    Also grateful for the extremely Pitchfork-y Pitchfork review of Stephen Malkmus’s Wig Out at Jagbags which I borrowed from.

    • I hadn’t actually read that review, and from reading your comment I had come to the conclusion that you were someone with serious comedic writing chops. I still believe that though; you’re a good man, and a poet.

    • yeah that one is like, top 5 crania americana comments with a bullet

  8. Nobody’s going to read this now, but I feel so good at number ten. It’s only up from here, right?

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