HudMo & Zomby Got Into A Fist Fight, Then Took It To Twitter

Hudson Mohawke and Zomby got into a fight last night after Zomby played a show at London’s XOYO. The pair took to Twitter shortly after to exchange some words. Zomby tweeted that HudMo “got the shit slapped out of him” and “caught 3 in the face,” accompanied by a picture of his bloody knuckle which was later taken down. Details about the why are still unclear, but both artists mentioned their fashion choices for the night. Zomby said, “My sweater worth more than your life but let’s not go into that u don’t know givenchy unless i wore it first” and HudMo retaliated with, “Poor @ZombyMusic thought i should apologise in his face after wearing socks worth more than his entire outfit.” A lot of the tweets have been deleted, but Consequence Of Sound compiled a transcript of the whole altercation which you can read below.


Let him talk all the shit he wants he just caught 3 in the face LOL… Lost yourself. We are so far ahead. Now u know… Seen cut thumb from hudmo teeth. Next time xx… Ask security for footage. See me slapping shit out of u while 3 security who smoke with me after try stop me. U pussy— U pussy. Front it next time rather than hide round corners so my man can spot u And u don’t get 4 in the jaw— I know you read this you beg me up u Scottish prick u can’t front me u just found out— Think I’m lying. Ask anyone who was say deviation what happened— That pussy. Don’t try it with me I’ll come directly to your jawline— My sweater worth more than your life but let’s not go into that u don’t know givenchy unless i wore it first @HudMo— He keep tweeting. But the truth is he just got the shit slapped out of him and security took him away for his own good. Then smoked with me— My man did a beat for some famous rapper and no one have a fuck so wants to try fuck with me and the cult. U just got warning punches— Next I’ll get real time xx— Gimme that free promotion bitch..while u wipe your blooded lip… That boy he’s a snake wants to come sabotage my shit lol. U got a first taste. Keep tweeting cuz I’ll see u again Hudson u little fassy— Anytime again is fine I’ll see u— That’s 1. Watch me catch em in real time— You’re the only person on planet earth who makes givenchy look cheap u sweaty unwashed tramp @HudMo… He a fan. He come to our show. He hate he get slapped. He cry on twitter cuz he a hoe. All these guys like hudmo and whoever come to my shows they have too I never been to any of theirs tho I’m fine.. Hudson Mohawke so ugly the motherfucker looks like he smells of shit- Not all the givenchy in the world can save u fam you look like a retarded blind alcoholic @HudMo- I mean I had the flu all week I still rock up kill a club and slap up a pussyhole- For that guy it was a big night lol. Come to my show tweeting shit about me and my people and expect to walk off. Good luck.


Poor @ZombyMusic thought i should apologise in his face after wearing socks worth more than his entire outfit. but apparently non :/ Poor fellow. On the edge :/ @zomby music w 20 dudes on stage n no gals but to each his own I guess… Shit is embarrassing for the poor boy. Wish him the best tho as I always do to all the pussymennnnn heh. Let’s make music no?!— sorry 4 the poor boy that gets his mans 2 take it to actual violence tho. genuine szchizophrenia, boy belongs in hospital as we all know :/— crying out loud, poor lad. genuinely hope the boy gets some mental health care, as amusing as it is for us, its no joke, boy needs treatment— throught we left primary school like 15 years ago but some ppl still in that zone heh. night everyone. love.— reallyy realllly feel sorry for this guy its a terrible shame cos i think he’s capable of making good shit but fucking it up 4 himself :/— 1st time in very very long time i felt genuine pity for a fellow human, sposed to be an adult come on @ZombyMusic embarrassing urself. AGAIN— Actually cant believe im giving the lil man shine heh. Final gd evening frm team @Hudmo . Nothing but music. Fuck the bullshit (busta voice).

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  1. Can someone punch that mask off of Zomby’s face? I’m sick of the “enigmatic electronic producer” schtick. We get it, you’re mysterious.

    • Both of them need to be punched, really. Maybe this fist fight was meant to be

    • What is the point of being enigmatic if no one knows who the fuck you are in the first place? It’s like you take off the mask and everyone is like “OOOH It was THAT guy all along??”

  2. Boys, boys! There’s enough Jersey Shore money for everyone!

  3. One word: trashy. Seriously, both of them are talented producers but this is some Gallagher-level shit right here. The worst is when they start in on how much their clothes cost… super rich kids, amirite?

  4. “My man did a beat for some famous rapper and no one have a fuck”


  5. Zomby is almost 34 years old.

    Let’s let that sink in for a bit.

  6. they don’t talk good

  7. u r a stinker! no it is U who r a stankers i think u fiund. my sock is expensive also.

  8. Why are guys like this allowed to post homophobic, xenophobic hate speech and all anyone really does is laugh about it? haven’t the Scots been through enough?

  9. This bro has an executioner at his festival show circus thing. Don’t screw with crazy!

  10. Part of me is like, “Who cares?” – only because I don’t know these folks personally, we aren’t friends, and whether they are or not means little to me.

    Another part of me is like, “What a bunch of assholes!” – because they sound like a bunch of douchbag, bro-y, assholes.

    The last part of me is hungry.

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