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The Walking Dead takes place in a tragic, apocalyptic reality where armies of corpses are after flesh and the fellow survivors are even more dangerous, so you’d think the show’s characters wouldn’t have much time for indie rock. Apparently, they do, though! The character Beth Greene (played by Emily Kinney) has already established herself as the show’s resident hipster; she sang Tom Waits’s “Hold On” on the show last season. And on last night’s episode, she sang “Be Good,” a song from Waxahatchee’s debut album American Weekend, to her kinda-boyfriend Darryl. reports that the show had attempted to license a Neutral Milk Hotel song for the moment, but they ended up with “Be Good” because of what music supervisor Thomas Golubic calls a “licensing hurdle.” But that’s OK; “Be Good” is a great song! Also of note: American Weekend came out in 2012, when The Walking Dead had already been on TV for two years, so I guess the show takes place in the very near future? Watch the clip below.

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  1. Which Neutral Milk Hotel song did they try to use?

  2. Sorry for being a prick, but Daryl isn’t her kinda-boyfriend at all.

  3. So why has Beth, the daughter of protective, religious conservative Hershel, become so familiar with the American Hipster Songbook? Maybe a flash drive got left at Bonaroo or Counterpoint and made its way to rural Georgia, providing the farmhouse with its only source of music, post-apocalypse? But I feel like the whole reason everyone listens to Beth singing is because they didn’t have a radio or anything to listen to music on.

    • I think the idea is that this is an alternate reality. In Walking Dead, this is just a song, not necessarily a Waxahatchee song.

      • Definitely an alt reality. The zombie apocalypse of the show began in 2010 when PS Eliot was still a band and before American Weekend was recorded and probably written. In the canon of the show the Crutchfields were likely born in the 70s and popular in the 90′s also in the canon of the show Nick Cannon was killed by a cannon. I deserve to be downvoted.

  4. Last week they closed the episode with a Mountain Goats song, this week a Waxahatchee song. They seem to be all over the place with their music though. Sometimes they play some really awful shit.

  5. One of the many things keeping Walking Dead form being a great show: “Hey the girl who plays Beth can sing pretty good, lets have her sing a song every other episode!”

    We get it.

  6. I think her singing makes sense in context. It’s like “Damn, the world is shot to hell, let’s have a bit of respite.” But yeah, it’s not quite as gripping as it could/should be, especially now that I’ve seen Breaking Bad, a show where pretty much every episode is a piece of silky filet mignon.

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