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After Queens Of The Stone Age’s Grammys-closing medley with Nine Inch Nails, Dave Grohl, and Lindsey Buckingham was cut short — and after Queens Of The Stone Age lost Best Rock Performance to Imagine Dragons during the pre-telecast — Homme told fans at a concert in Houston, “This next song is by Imagine Dragons… Fuck everything. Fuck the man. Fuck Imagine Dragons and fuck the Grammys.” In a new video by Australian music site FasterLouder, Homme answered a fan question about the comments: “I’d play anywhere. I don’t care about the drama. I got misunderstood for something I said when I was reacting to someone in the audience recently. Not to mention I was really drunk.”

Homme also explained why he sued to prevent the former Kyuss members now known as Vista Chino from touring under the name Kyuss Lives!:

I like to play for respect and for passion. Things about money and things like that shouldn’t come into it. That’s not what this is for. This is to create something and be part of something. When you create something and you’re part of something, you don’t go back and tamper with it and toy with it just to make money. These things aren’t about money. If you’re lucky enough to be in a band that has a legacy–something so fragile as a legacy, something so delicate as a history–then you’re really blessed and you shouldn’t toy with that.
I’ve never been a big fan of reunions and sequels and stuff like that, because it really tramples what was, for reasons that I don’t really believe in. You can always play the songs of another band, but you don’t have to use that same name. I think you need to respect your fans, and, as I said, respect your legacy. Because at the end, it’s all about respect. That’s what’s important. You don’t toy with something like that. And you don’t take it lightly. And you gotta protect it.

In addition, Homme expressed his opinion that vanilla is an underrated ice cream flavor, calling it “the king shit of fuck mountain of ice cream flavors,” and compared himself to the seagulls in Finding Nemo. Watch the full interview below.

(via Pitchfork)

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  1. …said the lead singer from Stillwater.

  2. haha! josh homme is the man though..

  3. “explains grammy diss: “I was really drunk” ” is really confusing for a title. He wasn’t drunk at the grammys (or at least he didn’t say), he was drunk during another show. The title suggests he was drunk at the grammy, and that he was the one doing the diss. He didn’t have anythin to do with that, it was Reznor.

    So really, take care with your choice of words. (Or maybe hide it better if you wanna make the article more “buzz-friendly”)

  4. i love this guy. this was probably posted before, but his guitar moves video is fantastic:

  5. Never has drunken douchebaggery been so endearing. Gotta live this asshole.

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