Twin Shadow

Funny Or Die just released a video parodying the secret popup shows of SXSW. It features Twin Shadow performing in a dumpster and is referred to as rare footage of a highly exclusive event, one where people are more concerned with capturing things on their phones than actually paying attention. Even though it’s pretty silly, the band is still as exciting to watch as ever. Check it out below.

Really takes you back to those halcyon days when Devendra Banhart was playing dumpsters on 32nd Street.

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  1. I’m sad I never got to attend SXSW before it was awful. Am I correct in assuming it’s awful? and that it wasn’t always?

  2. If you had a time machine and went back to 1939 and showed this video to WWII vetarans and said “Look, this is what you fought for. These are your great grandchildren. This will be your legacy!” I bet all of them would have shot themselves in the balls and bleed to death.

  3. In a dumpster… really?

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