Rashad Charjuan Owens

Now that Austin police have released the name of the alleged drunk driver responsible for this week’s horrific and deadly SXSW hit-and-run, details about him have begun to emerge. According to The Austin American-Statesman, Rashad Charjuan Owens, 21, is a father of six from Killeen, Texas, about 70 miles north of Austin. He’s also an aspiring musician who was in Austin Wednesday night to perform at Club 1808. Owens, who raps and produces under the names KillingAllBeatz and K.A.B254, is studying music production at an online university, his brother Lamar Wilson told The Statesman. Here’s some of his music via Heavy:

This wasn’t Owens’ first drunk driving incident. While living in Fairbanks, Alaska in 2011, he was charged with driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident and a petition to revoke probation. Public records show he pled guilty to the DUI and the rest of the charges were dropped, but he has an active warrant in Fairbanks for failure to appear in court. The Statesman also reports that Owens was driving a car belonging to Andrew Bramwell, a soldier at Fort Hood near Killeen. Wilson said Owens borrowed the car from Bramwell, but according to Fort Hood’s media relations officer Christopher Haug, Bramwell reported the car stolen on Thursday morning and that Owens is not a soldier at Fort Hood.

Owens is facing two charges of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault and could face the death penalty if convicted on the murder charges.

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  1. 21 and six kids!? Someone really hates condoms.

    • His grandmother also stated that he had a Christian upbringing. Given that Killeen, TX falls into the “small town in Texas” category, I’m sure the guy never had a chance to learn about safe sex practices. They probably don’t even sell condoms in Killeen, TX.

      But SIX kids?! You’d think after the, oh, I dunno, THIRD you would stop and go, “Hey, maybe I should figure out why I get a kid every time I have sex.” I’m starting to understand how someone goes from living in Killeen, TX to Fairbanks, AK and drinks incessantly.

      He’s in Texas’ hands now and they are going to make a BIG example out of this kid.

    • I hate condoms too, but at a certain point, you have to weigh some consequences–something this guy clearly isn’t good at. If condoms sound annoying, I’d imagine that 6 kids have to be worse.

  2. So we’re taking this opportunity to promote dude’s music now?

  3. Yup. The 1st thing they need to do to him is cut his nuts off.
    People that stupid should know better than reproducing at such an alarming rate of speed.

  4. I hope we never hear from this guy again, like when Matthew Broderick killed those two women and he disappeared into poverty and obscurity.

    • Matthew Broderick was driving through a shitty route in the rain that he was advised against, but he wasn’t drunk and mowing down pedestrians. He went on to make Glory, Cable Guy, The Lion King and have a pretty successful career. That whole situation was completely different, with him taking some crazy road in Ireland, and even involved him eventually meeting with the family of the people that he killed. Now he’s not only incredibly well respected in the industry, but actually incredibly rich and stacking up Tony Awards. In fact, his net worth is reportedly $45 million. His wife was the star of Sex In The City, for chrissakes (she’s worth twice as much). He definitely hasn’t faded into “poverty and obscurity.” Not exactly terrible repercussions for someone who killed a mother and daughter with a head on collision.


      I’m hoping and trusting that this guy’s fate is a hell of a lot different. The idea that his rap “career” was the right path to help support 6 kids already demonstrates his poor decision making, aside from the fact that he had 6 kids at the age of 21, in the first place.

      • BAC 0.00
        But you having a kid (who will grow up consuming a largely disproportionate percentage of resources) in this overpopulated world is totally fine.
        More to this story than hasty, pompous condemnations.

        We could start with car culture for example…

      • I’m thinking rejectedjeffdunhampuppet was perhaps being sarcastic about the “disappeared into poverty and obscurity”?

    • I thought Matthew was a millionaire and acted on broadway

  5. The world sure can be a real asshole sometimes.

  6. Damn. If I had know that all you had to do to get your music on Stereogum was to kill people I would’ve poisoned the aquifers at Bonnaroo.

  7. Wasted his life and of others and I’m sorry for all parties involved. :(

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  10. BAC 0.00
    But you having a kid (who will grow up consuming a largely disproportionate percentage of resources) in this overpopulated world is totally fine.
    More to this story than hasty, pompous condemations.

    We could start with car culture for example…

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