Future Islands - Singles

Future Islands are ready to take over the world. At SXSW, the Baltimore synthpop weirdos were this year’s Odd Future — the one live show that nobody could stop talking about. (This, even though they’ve been touring steadily and consistently great live for years.) And that chatter is only going to increase once people get a load of Singles, the band’s new album and one of the year’s best indie LPs. We’ve heard the early tracks “Seasons (Waiting On You)” and “A Dream Of You And Me,” and those both rule, but the whole album has been leaving my head spinning for weeks. And now you get to hear it, too, because it’s streaming below.

Singles is out 3/25 on 4AD.

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  1. “Doves” just absolutely kills me.

  2. Samuel Herring reminds me a lot of Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth in that he can pull of the clean vocals well and nail the guttural/shrieking vocals. Would be killer to see Samuel in a metal band.

  3. 10 minutes in and I’m absolutely digging this. And kicking myself for not being in town when they play Chicago next week.

  4. As far as penultimate tracks go, it’s hard to get better than “Fall From Grace”

  5. I’m trying, Stereogum, I really am. But in spite of your curious, constant cheerleading for this band, they still trigger my gag reflex every single time.

  6. Just saw them in Memphis last night. They killed it!

  7. I’m pretty new to this band but I am into this! The singer reminds me of Sting in some of his intonations (esp. on “Sun in the Morning”) but I also detect some Meat Loaf and some Tom Waits and, hey, I never thought I’d write a sentence with those three names in it, so that’s already impressive.

  8. My first introduction to them was “Balance” a couple years back. I loved that track, but the band fell off my radar shortly thereafter. This album has me blown away. I can’t seem to get enough of it. “Back in the Tall Grass,” “A Song for Our Grandfathers,” and “Fall From Grace” are just fantastic.

    Can’t wait for the Premature Evaluation or Album of the Week write-up on this album!

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