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Despite reports last week that he would be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (which led to outrage from KISS fans), we now know that former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing will not, in fact, be inducted into the Hall with Nirvana. Today Channing explained that he received a message from the Hall Of Fame (c/o Nirvana’s management) saying: “Can you tell whoever looks after Chad Channing that he isn’t being inducted… It is just Dave, Krist and Kurt.” This news broke via who recently conducted an interview with the drummer, but shortly before publishing it, they received an email from Channing informing them of the decision and providing the aforementioned message. still published the original interview, which is now depressing as hell. Check out some of Channing’s quotes from the original interview and have your heart broken.

I got a call from Michael Meisel, Nirvana’s long time manager, asking if I was attending the induction ceremony; he said that he had a ticket for me. I also talked to Krist about it a few weeks ago and he definitely thought I should be there, and was gonna help make sure that I was. I’ll be there at the table ready to walk up there…

When I told my daughter about the induction, she was super excited for me! So much of my excitement about it is for her! She’s pretty awesome! My little boy’s to young to understand though. So yeah, it does feel pretty good!

I remember my friend Ben showing me a cassette recording of Nevermind at the time of its release. I loved the record right off the bat! In fact that’s when I officially became a Nirvana fan myself. It’s a different sorta feeling having worked in a band and then having the opportunity to experience the band from the outside. Hard to explain really but it’s pretty cool!


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  1. Good thing that Josh Klinghoffer made it into this super-serious Hall of Fame though, right?

    • I laughed, I upvoted you, but Josh was/is a current member of the RHCP who had been a touring member of the band for five years by the time they were inducted into the RRHOF. Nirvana was only a band for seven years. Still, I agree – the super-serious RRHOF proves themselves to be more laughable with each passing year. This year in particular is kind of awful. Kiss can’t get their shit together. Chad Channing is taking part, then he isn’t. Messes like this shouldn’t happen.

    • Yeah, the Klinghoffer thing is ridiculous. You beat me to that comment. You can also make the argument that Robert Trujillo was in Suicideal Tendencies, etc. but he was still inducted for Metallica, so it’s all a load of shit.

      I’m not even a fan of KISS, but why isn’t Eric Carr being inducted with them? This whole thing is a sham.

  2. The Hall of Fame may not really “mean” anything but come on. The flip flopping or whatever is happening here is obscene. Get the guy’s hopes up and even his kids stoked and then yank out from under him? Shitty, man. Real shitty.

  3. So is NIRVANA being inducted or just Dave, Krist and Kirk?

  4. Chris Channing must have felt Dumb when the hall of fame said ‘Nevermind.’ That thing can really Drain You. Whoever sent that message must be a Negative Creep. I’ll make sure to Stay Away from the hall of fame in the future. They really Blew it.

    …All Apologies.

  5. This really shows how fucking idiotic the whole Hall of Fame thing is anyway. These Kiss fans are nothing but a bunch of assholes and do not know a single thing about music. Kiss is all about the makeup, that’s it. I’m sure most people who don’t live in their mothers basement can only sing two or three Kiss songs, at most. There wasn’t even much of an uproar about this situation, I’m guessing because people know why Channing was supposed to be inducted. He was an original member. Hilel Slovak was inducted last year too, and nobody got upset. Dick Dickinson or whatever the fuck his name is (I’m not looking it up) was a nobody replacement. Also, let me give you a bit of a history lesson:

    When Gene Simmons was inducted, rather than be proud or even the least bit humble, he complained about how Grandmaster Flash and Madonna don’t deserve to be inducted because Flash “talks” (yes, he is that racist) and Madonna doesn’t use guitars or anything, despite the fact that she has (“even in her most well known song, “Like A Virgin”).

    When Chad Channing was inducted, he was happy about it and told his daughter, but wasn’t a dick. He didn’t complain or boast about his achievements.

    Guess which one got booted. Seriously Kiss fans, go fuck yourselves.

  6. Fuck KISS, Fuck Nirvana, Fuck Chad Channing, Fuck the Hall of Fame and FUCK YOU Stereogum!

    Who in the Detroit area wants to get drunk with me? I have a gang of vodka. Get at me, you unbelievably sexy sluts!

  7. Kim Shattuck can’t be very happy about this.

  8. “whoever looks after Chad Channing ”
    LOL What?

  9. A bit off topic, but imagine how weird it would be if you were Nirvana’s manager in 2014. Constantly living in the past, trying to keep the band’s/Kurt’s legacy going, using phrases like “whoever looks after Chad Channing”, etc. I’m sure it pays well, but man that kind of sounds depressing.

  10. The story I heard about Chad Channing was that Kurt & Krist both thought he was an awful drummer, but kept him in the band because he came from a wealthy family, who offered to pay for the band’s demos. They ultimately fired him, as soon as they could, when they started getting major label offers.

    Musical notwithstanding, he’s seems like a decent dude and it’s commendable that neither he nor Jason Everman have tried to sell their various stories regarding the band’s early years.

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