Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club are back, working to great effect with Father, Son, Holy Ghost producer Doug Boehm, and releasing one of the most ambitious songs of their career. Now you can hear the band’s new album Forcefield in full at the New York Times.

Forcefield is out 3/25 via Mom + Pop.

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  1. Loving this album… so unashamedly poppy. I got to interview their keyboardist (Graham Wright) a couple weeks ago and he was really cool. You can check it out here if you’re interested…

  2. Argentina could easily end up being on any year end list…the rest of it notsomuch. Very one dimesional to an almost shocking extreme. Whats ironic is that Argentina isn’t much different than the rest of the albums tracks, but its just very cool to hear TPC do something ‘epic.’ It worked on a very cinematic level. They are so good when they change tempos and that song is littered with great contrasts.

  3. So far loving it. And I’ve liked each release less since Lesson in Crime. Also to corroborate, from what I know, they’re all pretty rad dudes. Dave Monks once pretended that my band did an okay cover of Cold War Kids – Hang me up to dry.

  4. Early favorite = “Beaches”

  5. This is surprisingly good. I haven’t really connected with anything they’ve put out since their debut on Saddle Creek (I can’t remember what it was called and I’m too lazy to Google it). This is some pure pop goodness.

    2014 is shaping up well.

  6. Yayyy, just saw this and can’t wait to listen.

    Lesson in Crime was almost perfect in my eyes, while Elephant Shell was definitely disappointing. I loved Champ though, and am now super stoked to stream this bad boy.

  7. It makes me sad to have told people that TPC is my favorite band for years to now be let down by Forcefield. I remember a few years back I did a presentation on TPC in college describing the unique sound they had by playing ‘Your English is Good’ and ‘Citizens of Tomorrow’ for them. The music was so well received by the class I felt like I unintentionally created a classroom full of TPC fans. But now I feel like I misrepresented them as a ‘zero fucks given’ band when the direction with Forcfield is so poppy that it sounds like a whole other group of guys. I’ve listened all the way through the album a couple dozen times now searching for any remnants of what I once loved but only found a bit in ‘Argentina’ and ‘Through the Wire’ that gave me hope. I’m seriously just sad and hope in another 2years they deliver. Either way I’ll be at the Echoplex in a couple days in which I really think that D. Monks voice will sound like it used to live. Hopefully they play “cheer it on” and will re-capture me as a fan again.

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