The Lollapalooza festival once again comes to Chicago’s Grant Park this 8/1-3, and while it hasn’t yet announced its lineup, the Chicago Tribune has learned the names of four of its headliners: Eminem, Skrillex, Kings Of Leon, and Arctic Monkeys. This isn’t a particularly exciting group. Eminem and Kings Of Leon have both headlined the fest before, and while Skrillex hadn’t quite ascended to that level, he’s close enough that it’s not shocking to see him up there. The one minor surprise is that this is the first time Arctic Monkeys have proven to be a big enough name to headline a top-tier American festival, though they’ve long occupied that spot in Europe. The festival will presumably announce the rest of its lineup soon; here’s hoping for a few bigger surprises.

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  1. lolla does seem to go on-year, off-year….and wow does this sound off. i like arctic monkeys and the first few KOL records, but yeesh, overall? no bueno.

    if it’s true. maybe the rest of the line-up will make up for it

  2. I’ve seen Arctic Monkeys twice at Lolla and both times, I don’t think they could have possibly looked less interested in playing. An apathetic headliner won’t make up for a hot afternoon of 15 year old girls OD’ing on Molly.

    I’m out.

  3. This is extremely underwhelming

  4. BO-ring! And no OutKast, either!

    • No necessarily. There’s six headliners per Lollapalooza and these are just 4. Even with Outkast, though, that wouldn’t make it all that much more exciting since they’re playing everywhere.

  5. Ouch. Hopefully the rest of the bill will be able to make up for these headliners.
    Also, there are rumored to be some great alternate headliners like Frank Ocean, Modest Mouse, and Nick Cave. There is still hope!

  6. No offense to Arctic Monkeys, but “ouch” is right.

  7. Wow. That is an exceptionally bad group of headliners.

  8. i suppose i’m kind of in the minority here. when i saw eminem, i figured that was a pretty big get since he’s not touring for the forseeable future.

    the other three, yeah, i see what you’re saying.

  9. Lulz you guys remember when people thought skrillex mattered for like five minutes

  10. I saw Shrillex at the National in Richmond back in 2011 for the Mothership tour and I gotta admit that it was a pretty bomb experience. I doubt I would wanna go to Lolla to see him, especially if there aren’t a lot of other good acts, but he was worth seeing back then if you ask me.

  11. The disappointment is oozing everywhere. Still kind of excited to see Foster the People though. Really impressed with Supermodel

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