Metallica - "Lords Of Summer" (Garage Demo Version)

A couple days ago, we heard a live rendition of new Metallica track “Lords Of Summer,” which the band debuted at a show in Colombia. They’ve now offered a “Garage Demo” version of the track, which — like all Metallica’s “Garage Demos” — is much higher quality than a standard-issue demo, if not polished to a studio-album shine. Anyway, my initial impression of “Lords Of Summer” was that the track had a great deal of promise, but the live recording was too muddy to judge. As far as I’m concerned, this version absolutely delivers on that promise. The song is legit good, and I actually like the “Garage Demo” sound more than I do what Rick Rubin got from them on Death Magnetic. Listen.

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  1. I like it! Bands are free to do what they want, but in my heart, this is what Metallica should sound like at this point: solid chugging rhythm guitar, but without trying to sound too overtly modern. It’s like an updated version of their classic sound.

  2. Absolute, utter garbage. Imagine it was some new band who wrote this. No one would remotely care. I can only hope “legit good” is the distress word used when speaking under monetary coercion.

  3. Oh look, a whiny arbiter of taste on the internet. How novel.

  4. No bad)
    I have not heard for a long time that something new)

  5. I think it’s very good. Metallica continues to sound fresh and energetic, And if this new song is any indication of what their new album is going to sound like, I’ll be the first in line to buy it. To all the haters out there…this is not 1986 anymore, it’s 2014. Cliff Burton has been long gone and they are not going to sound the same as they did on Masters Of Puppets. You’re not going to last almost 33 years in the music business if you put out carbon copies of each album. Get over it…

  6. It’s not that this doesn’t sound like old Metallica, it’s that this isn’t even good by any metal standard. Slayer and Motorhead are solid examples of bands who have been putting out GREAT metal albums for 30+ years. Stop making excuses for this shitty band, they were overrated in the first place, now they are just pathetic old men. And come on, who can take them seriously after watching the documentary and all the Napster whining? Oh, and Load. Guh.

  7. I actually like the raw, in your face live version better:

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