Tomas Barfod - "Happy" video

On Danish producer Tomas Barfod’s gorgeously glimmering house track “Happy,” Eddie Chacon, the still-living half of the early-’90s R&B duo Charles & Eddie, sings about how his friends keep dying and about learning to accept the loss. It is an emotional gutpunch of a song, and it makes me want to read a profundity into the video that maybe isn’t there. In director Jakob Marky’s clip, a severely mustachioed middle-aged man dances his way through a room of pulsing lamps. Maybe he’s expressing his inner pain and exhaustion, or maybe he’s just trying out his badass new lighting system. Watch the video below.

Barfod’s Pulsing EP is out now on Secretly Canadian. Around my way, shorties used to call me “Thomas Bar Food.”

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  1. Hey, good one, Mr. Bar Food. This songs deserved a disturbing, kinda sweet video like this.

  2. “Severely moustachioed.” Music writers love their adjectives and this is the one to beat in 2014.

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