We heard a live version of the promising new Weezer song “Back To The Shack,” and now, we’ve got an additional reason to once again foolishly get our hopes up (and I say this as someone who liked Hurley). Weezer just leaked a 20-second clip of new music — mostly just bits of riffs — along with the note that they’re “in the studio now.” It’s 20 random seconds, so let’s not get crazy here, but it’s a great-sounding 20 seconds. Check it out.

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  1. I’ve gotten my hopes up so many times before but this time I’m sure: AOTY 2014. Believe.

  2. Please please Weezbros make this one not suck. I know you can still do good.

  3. I liked Hurley too! “Trainwrecks” is my jam.

  4. Come on guys, you KNOW it’s going to suck. Don’t even dare to hope otherwise.

  5. I’ve never had a serious problem with the music Weezer has released. It always more or less sounds like Weezer. The problem for me has been River’s apparent lack of any interesting or emotional to write about. It just feels like the guy worked out all his angst and psychosis a long time ago, and I can’t really wish that back on him. It sure did make for some better lyrics, though.

  6. OK, so the music sounds like Weezer from the few seconds posted…You know that as soon as Rivers lays down the vocals the song’s going to be some bullshit bout being stuck in a fast food drive-thru where some girl you have a crush on works the window and you’re going to want to put a gun to your head.

  7. tease? or threaten?

  8. Ah Weezer. Blue and Pinkerton= CLASSICS. Green and Maladroit=VERY GOOD. Make Believe=Beginning of end. Red=uninspired. Raditude=Their worst. Hurley=Breath of fresh air and very welcome change of pace. Strong album. I love Weezer but they have become an unfortunate parody of themselves. Rivers choosing to let other band members write songs not up to caliber is a misstep. Rivers songs have been missteps as well. Rivers has a serious gift for melody and at least Hurley proved, even with co-writing, he can still pull things together. I’m cautiously optimistic.

    • I agree with you, except for Hurley being good. Rivers is a good songwriter at times, but his vocal delivery and phrasing is so stilted. And oftentimes, the production ruins an other wise good song. I loved the Alone version of “Can’t Stop Partying,” but the album version just sucked out anything good about that demo. The only post-Maladroit song that I can really get behind is “If You’re Wondering…” That is a solid piece of pop that feels fairly effortless, unlike most of their latter day work.

    • you can’t call Red “uninspired” when it contains “The Greatest Man that Ever Lived” on it. That weird, awesome, schizophrenic tune is about as inspired as it gets.

      • Tim, Red had a few great Weezer songs on it. The Greatest man was probably one of their very best tunes in later era Weezer. HOWEVER, you had stuff like ”found out about you” ( i believe is the title) that Brian wrote and sang. You also had undeveloped tracks like ”daydreamer” which, while mildly interesting, left much to be desired. It’s not a bad album, as far as later era weezer is concerned. But my personal opinion is that Red ultimately collapses under the weight of half baked ideas. It’s not without a few gems though (troublemaker, pork and beans, greatest man, possibly pig).

        • yeah i agree, i just give a ton of weight to greatest man and the fact that there are some other weirdo tunes that are a glimmer of hope of this weezer fan. but man the bad songs on that record are monumentally bad. King with Scott on vocals has gotta be the worst song on a weezer record.

          • It sounds like we’re both longtime Weezer fans. I always pick up songs on every Weezer album that I like, but Raditude made it very difficult (though not impossible. Still 1 or 2 that I really like). Each album has a few gems, but certain choices befuddle me. In River’s ”Alone” series, there was/is a song called ”This is the way”, sort of like a quasi-hip hop song that is properly appalling as a song. Yet, the band sincerely loved it and wanted it on Red. It just shows me that as much as I love these guys, they are losing their understanding of what great means. Blue and Pinkerton were so inspired and Green and Maladroit were solid to the core. I question their catelougue after that not because I don’t enjoy every album. I do actually. But too much filler :( There’s probably many superior outtakes that Rivers kept off for some reason. I hope Ric Ocasek polices the hell out of the band into making smart credible choices for song selections. All killer and no filler is Weezer 1994-2002 :) Miss those days. Anyway, nice to talk to a fellow Weezer fan and here’s to sincerely hoping that they tap into greatness on this new record!

  9. Michael Nelson, I believe Ric Ocasek is producing this record. Thanks for the video. Hoping they give us something fresh.

  10. Haha, yeah those generic rock riff snippets sound like a real return to form!

  11. Just wanted to give a shout out to the Red Album too…As a person who adores the first four Weezer albums, “Troublemaker’ might still be my favorite all time Weezer song. How’s that for arts & crafts???

    • That 1,2,3 punch of troublemaker, greatest man that ever lived and pork & beans is pretty damned fun and a really strong way to open a record. putting that cd on for the first time, i thought “woah, weezer rediscovered weird, yes!!’ then heart songs stops the fun bus dead in its tracks followed by the embrassing everybody get dangerous. Dreamin’ is pretty solid and has some great harmonies and weirdness about it. Then automatic, not really a weez song IMO but it rocks nicely.

      then there’s the b-sides…ms. sweeney was my fave by far. such odd lyrics and classic weez big, harmonic chorus.

  12. I’ll always have a soft spot for Weezer
    I enjoy how they’ve, in a way, consciously become a parody of themselves and just rock and pop music in general
    their songs may not be great anymore and their songwriting may be cheesy at times, but it always sounds well crafted to me, like guys who know what they’re doing, even if what they’re doing is trolling their fans

    • i’d bet my life savings they’re not trolling anyone. i’m pretty sure Rivers is and has always done exactly what he wants to do and earnestly. he doesn’t seem like the ironic type in the slightest.

  13. I just remembered cutting my chops on the weezer message board around the time of the green album. Then there was hidden message board for fans to help rivers make his maladroit.
    he called himself ace.
    it was a simpler time.
    also icq

  14. In some parallel universe, Weezer have been making good music for the past 15 years.

  15. Hurley and Raditude both are really underrated albums… that’s really when they went back to doing something at least somewhat close to the Blue album. There are a couple terrible duds on each album but they’re far more enjoyable to actually listen to than anything since at least Maladroit, if not Pinkerton.

  16. Ric Ocasek is back to produce this one, I believe. Dude is a studio wizard and is responsible for the production behind Weezer’s blue and green s/t albums. With that said, I would still prefer he just go record a new album for The Cars.

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