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Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K. wears many proverbial hats. There’s Andrew W.K. the patron saint of partying, there’s the children’s show host, there’s the one time Wolf Eyes member and producer for noise bands like Sightings, there’s the motivational speaker. Now we can had model to that list. It appears W.K. spent a period in the ’90s giving acting and modeling a shot, and now photos of that have surfaced via Village Voice. Some of them look like the man we all know, but others show him looking surprisingly young (and with short hair). Check them out above, and keep an eye out for the one where he looks just like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho — you’ll know when you see it.

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  1. The cropped hair pics look like basically every young post-punk / hardcore listener / band member these days, which is actually a very advantageous appearance because it says both “dangerous aggression” and “photogenically handsome” to your romantic admirers.

  2. #5: American Psychohhhh my trembling heart

  3. UGH! Which one should be my new avatar?! It’s impossible to pick just one.

  4. Bit like Freddy Mercury.

  5. He looks like Jack Huston in Not Fade Away.

  6. I’m about 100% certain that second pic is John Francis Daley.

  7. Kinda looks like how Sam from Freaks and Geeks does now.

  8. Hubba hubba.

  9. Even his modeling shots PARTY HARD! OWWWWOOOOOOOOO!

  10. The partiest thing I’ve read all day

  11. I love Andrew. Seems like a completely nice guy and very fun to go get a beer with.

  12. #7 is just glorious.

  13. Hate to be a party pooper here, but these photos aren’t real. They were cooked up a few years ago and you bozos got worked lol

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