Shut Up, Dude

“And I swear that I don’t have a gun.”
— Kurt Cobain, “Come As You Are”

Despite the pledge in those lyrics that went around the world in the early 1990s, police in Seattle say that Kurt Cobain did have at least one gun.

That was the widely mocked lede (since removed) from CNN’s article about newly discovered photos from the scene of the Nirvana frontman’s suicide. You can see the pics here, but know that they’re not revelatory and do not constitute new evidence. Despite what you may have read on Twitter, the case has not been reopened.

In related news, Courtney Love tweeted that she found the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

“The worst crime is faking it,” Kurt Cobain wrote in his suicide note 20 years ago. The second worst crime is being in the week’s Lowest Rated Comments list below.


#10 shuffles | Mar 14th Score:19

Now THAT is how you write a headline. I love what what we have become.

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#9 rejectedjeffdunhampuppet | Mar 17th Score:20

“What do you think happend to the people in the plane, Courtney love?”

“Well.. there’s nah-urgh-way they could… live through this.”

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#8 jacoby_a | Mar 14th Score:21

So we’re taking this opportunity to promote dude’s music now?

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#7 street hassle | Mar 15th Score:21

Can Earl and Frank Ocean just defect from Odd Future so they don’t have top be associated with all this stupid crap that surrounds that name?

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#6 snippydippy | Mar 19th Score:21

I was hoping for a Def Leppard one just so I could see an arm removed from one of the lego men.

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#5 rubberjohnny0829 | Mar 16th Score:24

I’m on my Worst Behaviour.

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Ben Cornell | Mar 15th Score:26

A Tribe Called Quest? What?

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#3 donnytilla | Mar 17th Score:28

Hey guys. I don’t want to be weird or anything, and I don’t want to freak anyone out, but does anyone notice anything really suspicious about this album cover? Does anyone get the vibe that there are hidden messages scattered throughout the cover?

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#2 oceanographerschoice | Mar 15th Score:29

I’m sure this will be a selling point for many Odd Future fans. I really don’t understand the appeal of Tyler or any of the OF crew. They aren’t terrible rappers, but they rap about stupid shit and although I generally try to separate the artist from their work it’s hard to ignore what douchebags they all seem to be. They’re like a slightly more talented ICP.

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Taylor Creery | Mar 17th Score:30

Detective Love, I wonder if there are any other past mysteries you could clear up for us?

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#5 Jesse “Crown of” Thorn(z) | Mar 18th Score:-9

Who said anything about a powder blue tux? What is this, Ira Glass’s prom? I’m thinking black tie, grosgrain accents, opera pumps and everything.

Posted in: Here’s How Fans Dressed Up For Arcade Fire In Philadelphia

Monsiuer Hulot | Mar 14th Score:-9

I’m confused. Isn’t that what rap music is all about? Not giving a fuck about anybody but yourself (or maybe your “crew” lol)……being rapped up(ha) in materialism……….money, drugs, sex…..repeat ad nauseum……..sounds to me like this guy was just following suit…….living the lifestyle. Let’s all brag about how many people we’ve shot, but……oh….wait………you hit some people with a car………..naw, dude………that’s just wrong. You’re being demeaning to women, glorifying violence, and rhyming about being a deplorable, self-centered human being…….that’s awesome……..but wait……… were drunk driving……….how could you ever do such a thing?

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Jadran Kovrčavi | Mar 17th Score:-10

And yet… nobody cares.

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#2 jessecrownofthornz | Mar 18th Score:-15

Hey Assholes- Jeans and Tie do not constitute formal wear, no matter how hard you shove your hands into your pockets.

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Motas Kah | Mar 18th Score:-18

Dressed Up is code word for “black people don’t come”. Pretty motherfucking racist of Arcade Fire if you ask me.

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sockgranny | Mar 16th Score:3

Adam’s father thanks all of you, especially Ryan, for your kind comments. He’s made his mother and me very proud. They say that it’s the middle child that usually goes astray. Adam puts the lie to this perception.

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  1. Oh damn, now we gotta compete for Instagram of the week? But mine’s private and I’m not sure if we’re at that level yet!

  2. Wow.

    Adam Granduciel’s MOTHER made a Stereogum account with a sweet handle like “sockgranny” ?

    AND _ got an avatar?!

    I know there are a lot of you here, but do you fbook users feel SUPREMELY inadequate right about now? Here? Under the pressure?

    • Actually I read that as a comment from his father… referring to himself in the third person at the start…

      Think I may have seen him at Bowery, too. An older guy who looked just like Adam walked down from the backstage area during Sore Eros… I didn’t get a chance to be like, “SOCKGRANNY?”

    • I hope that comment is real, because it’s so awesome on so many levels. His parents SHOULD be proud.

  3. It’s crazy how “Under The Pressure” already feels like a classic.

    • Seriously. And they bring so much energy to it in the live show.

      Also, hearing Suffering live made it make more sense, to me at least. Feels like something straight off of Tonight’s the Night.

    • Auto  |   Posted on Mar 22nd +5

      That whole album is an instant classic.

    • I love “Under The Pressure” — I mean, it’s unskippable for real — but I really feel like “An Ocean Between the Waves” is the classic of classics from the album.

  4. Still waiting on Princes albums worst to best, gum.

  5. I love that instagram of Future Islands, Scott.

    Yesterday, I finally got around to watching their Letterman performance, curious as to what all the hype was about. Well, I can’t stop watching the damn thing. Holy shit! I’ve never listened to Future Islands til now, and boy do I regret it. The guy is such a performer, and he puts everything he has into a performance, and he doesn’t just do that for Letterman, he does it EVERY time. Plus, I love Letterman’s reaction and I think he was genuinely enthralled by that performance.

    Reminds me of The Strokes’ “Take It or Leave It” Letterman performance; it’s so good it’s almost unfair. Question of the day, which Letterman performance is better: That Strokes performance or Future Islands’?

    • Don. Not sure if you saw this, but I feel it’s important to the investigation. I stumbled upon this image in a damp apartment at 4:30AM, said “wait a minute, run that back” in my head, and basically just ran the image through a bitmapper and enhanced the resolution with my image sharpening software, before rasterizing that quadrant.

      Also, take a look here. The evidence has been staring us in the face the whole time, we just have to stare back.

  6. Is there a 311 albums from worst to best article in progress? Perhaps the Tomato Growers Supply Company is trying very hard to keep it from hitting the interwebs…


  7. I found 6 dollars in the washer today. told the wife I got #1, she bought me a beer and said “coolness.” I’m gonna eat 3 packages of Zebra Cakes tonight (Totaling 6 Zebra Cakes) to continue this super neat day.

  8. wow, completely missed the “SXSW act there to perform” article… whole situation sounds like a depressing b-side to lupe’s hip hop saved my life

  9. Just wanted to say your retrospectives on Seven Swans and Milk-Eyed Mender this week were great! I started paying attention to new releases in 2005, so I’m really looking forward to Stereogum making me feel old starting next year.

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