Cloud Nothings - Here And Nowhere Else

A little more than two years ago, the Cleveland-born band Cloud Nothings turned their attention toward scraping, discordant, fearsome late-’80s underground rock on their album Attack On Memory, and the results absolutely ruled. Next week, they follow it up with their new LP Here And Nowhere Else. It’s the band’s first LP since slimming down to become a three-piece, and its attack is a bit more focused and concrete, but it’s very much in the same vein as its predecessor, and it once again rules. We’ve already enjoyed the early tracks “I’m Not A Part Of Me” and “Psychic Trauma,” and the whole album maintains those songs’ intensity for a half hour. And right now, you can stream the entire album at NPR.

Here And Nowhere Else is out 4/1 on Carpark/Mom + Pop.

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      • It would be equally cool to have some mention of Cloud Nothings here which doesn’t have you making the same rant on how you don’t like Dylan Baldi. If you hate the guy so much, why are you persisting in reading interviews with him?!

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          • Dude, just keep it to music here :)

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    • Bruh, I don’t like Cloud Nothings either, but you don’t see me tweeting at them about it. Chill.

      • Ha… To clarify, I wasn’t tweeting at them about not liking them — Far from! We were mutual follows, and one day when I was sad and emotweeting, Dylan Baldi unfollowed me and then called me “a whiny piece of shit.” And it was on my birthday, none the less, so dude basically made me feel terrible on the one day of the year people are supposed to at least be fake nice to you.

  2. Ugh. Of all the days to forgot my headphones before going to work.

  3. I have to say I’ve been listening to this album for the last couple weeks and it’s left me underwhelmed. The songs don’t have the same ‘classic’ feeling to them that made Attack on Memory so great.

    • I’m on your side. All personalities/labels/etc etc aside, I’m still spinning Attack on Memory at least once a week, but I this album hasn’t hooked me for the last 2 weeks it’s been with me.

      The songs don’t hit me as hard as AoM, and the turns from fast to slow feel a bit tactless. While I can’t get through AoM without hitting repeat for at least 2 songs, I’ve been taking breaks on this one, hoping my previous bias wouldn’t get to me. It hasn’t worked.

      Then again, it took me like a year to realize how great AoM was, so maybe that’ll happen here too.

      P.S. Is my “AoM” abbreviation annoying anybody?

  4. The drumming on this album SLAYS.

  5. been on repeat since it leaked.
    easily my favourite album this year
    i don’t rly get the standpoint where this can be considered to be just a lacklustre Attack on Memory, but its one i’ve seen expressed quite widely

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