You have to admire the hubris behind the plan for this year’s Sasquatch! Festival: Two different festivals, on two holiday weekends, with two completely different lineups. But it wasn’t to be. The second of the two festivals, planned for 7/4-6 in George, Washington, has been canceled. In the Sasquatch! organizers’ announcement, Live Nation Seattle president Jeff Trisler writes, “Unfortunately, the second weekend was not embraced,” which presumably means ticket sales were slow. The festival would’ve featured Soundgarden, Kraftwerk, New Order, Frank Ocean, Röyksopp & Robyn, Neutral Milk Hotel, and many others. The first of the two festivals will still come to the same location 5/23-25, and it’ll feature people like OutKast, the National, Queens Of The Stone Age, and M.I.A. Going forward, Sasquatch! will only happen on Memorial Day.

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  1. couldn’t have been that it was still four months away and expensive as hell.

  2. As much fun as Sasquatch was in the past, it’s starting to turn into a bit of a shit festival. I’m just gonna start going to Bumbershoot for now and on. I don’t like having to pay 400 dollars for a whole weekend when there’s only 1 or 2 days I want to go. It was fun Sasquatch, but we must part ways now.

    • It kind of begs the question of whether the U.S. festival scene is finally hitting a wall due to oversaturation of the market and overshooting their goals. Lollapalooza’s rumored headliners are looking like dung. Coachella, even though it sold out quickly, still feels awfully weak in my opinion with very few acts I want to see, and I kind of hate that I have to go this year even thoughmy ticket was a joint Christmas/birthday gift from my family I had no say in actually asking for. Otherwise, I would have turned it down. The more I think about it, the less I want to go…

      Two-day festivals hit the sweet spot with me.

      • Agree. Two days is best. Just enough to make a killer lineup and not have a lot of bands be filler. While it gives those small “filler” bands an amazing opportunity to play at a world renowned festival, almost all attendees don’t even go to those stages.

    • Sasquatch has been going downhill for a few years now, but this most recent stunt is still pretty surprising to me. They’ve screwed over a lot of fans here, and in the worst way – people who bought tickets for weekend 2 via Craigslist are totally SOL, as are people who have already dropped money on airfare. There’s probably hundreds of folks out there, maybe more than a thousand, who just had anywhere from 300-1000 bucks disappear right from their hands. And why? Because Sasquatch got greedy (well, greedier than they already were), and bit off something they couldn’t chew. And rather than eat the loss, they’re now trying to recoup at the expense of fans… and moreover, insult them by putting a “the Sasquatch community has spoken” spin on the whole debacle. Totally shameful.

      But really, it’s just the latest move in a series of bullshit moves by this festival. Five years ago, 3-day passes were over $100 cheaper. They’ve steadily climbed since then. Then, the festival stopped selling single-day tickets. The advertising became more and more prevalent. The food has remained shit. The beers get more expensive each year, or so it seems. For a long time, they didn’t allow in-and-outs (that’s finally changed). The lineups got less eclectic and more “whatever’s popular right now.” Last year, I paid over 300 bucks per ticket, and the Bigfoot stage had horrible sound problems all weekend, sound problems that pretty much ruined a few sets for me. And it’s a huge bummer because the Gorge remains one of the most beautiful venues on the planet, and Sasquatch used to be such a perfect event for it.

      So yeah, I’m with you, I had some great years but in all likelihood I’m hanging up my Sasquatch hat. Also, I feel like I’m 40 years old when I go now. Which is weird.

      • Right? Also, a lot of the “festival bros” and ravers from UW, WSU, CWU, etc. really kind of started ruining it. I still love the Gorge though and I can’t wait to see Arcade Fire there. Day long concerts are what the Gorge needs to stick to.

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