Pixies Snakes video

So that’s what happened to Arcade Fire’s mask. Pixies’ video for EP2 closer “Snakes” features a number of humongous papier mâché bobbleheads that remind me of Sesame Street and a desert showdown that reminds me of Breaking Bad. Watch director Mark Locke’s work below.

EP2 is out now.

UPDATE: It seems a third surprise Pixies EP, EP3, is now available, and EP1, EP2, and EP3 will be combined into an album called Indie Cindy, due out 4/28. It’ll be Pixies’ first album since 1991′s Trompe Le Monde, and first without Kim Deal. Get more info on both releases here, and watch an album trailer below.

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  1. Anything that is reminiscent of both Sesame Street and Breaking Bad is a good thing in my book.

  2. So…. is it just me or did they really just announce a new album called Indie Cindy on their facebook page…

  3. Guess we know who stole that paper mache head from Arcade Fire.

  4. How can you have an album trailer when all of the songs are already out?

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