Matt Berninger of the National has been promoting the upcoming documentary about his band, Mistaken For Strangers, on many podcasts. He’s already stopped by to chat with Bret Easton Ellis and Pete Holmes, now he’s guesting on Comedy Bang Bang to do the same. He’s joined by Rhett Miller of the Old 97′s; as the two speak with host Scott Aukerman, general hilarity ensues. Listen to it below.

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  1. Great episode.

    Anybody listening to the Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project? Or watching Review for that matter? Andy Daly is killing it. Everything he does is gold.

    • I’ve been watching Review. That last episode was really dark. I’m dying to find out where they take it from here.

      • So dark. Loved it. Expected the show to be good but didn’t know it would have this feel to it. It’s absolutely hilarious too. Forrest forgetting he had a son when breaking the news to his wife was so great.
        Looks like Comedy Central have the best new comedies of 2013 (Nathan For You), and this year too.

        • They do really subtle callbacks, too — the family dog, which has appeared in every episode, was the one he stole in the first episode.

          One thing I don’t get, and which they are doing a terrible job of addressing: To what extent is his wife aware of his job? She appears to have no idea what he does for a living AND that there are cameras in her home. But it doesn’t appear to be a secret otherwise? I dunno, unless I missed something, they really have to address that, because it made the events of episode 3 unnecessarily confusing.

          Also, IMO Broad City is the best show on Comedy Central right now, but yeah, they are murdering it in every timeslot.

          • Very true. For that whole conversation I was expecting Suzanne to suddenly realise this was all for the show, but it never happened.

            Shit yeah I forgot Broad City. I’ve only seen two episodes so far. I prefer Review right now, but Broad City probably has more potential for development. We don’t get these kinds of shows over here (there is a CC channel but it’s not the same. Mostly reruns of old shows), so it actually takes me a while to catch on to things. Broad City only popped up on my radar like 2 weeks ago, believe it or not. There’s probably a ton of shows I haven’t noticed yet that are great.

          • Yo the music selection on Broad City though! Sooo goooood.

    • I’m behind on both, but have been watching/listening. It’s also nice to have Andy Daly appearing on other podcasts to promote them.

    • billiabongabongabong-Burbank

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