In The Lonely Hour

Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour is still a ways off, but the wildly talented British pop singer and Disclosure collaborator has blessed us with another song from the album besides “Money On My Mind.” It’s called “Stay With Me,” and it’s a soulful mid-tempo slow build that evolves into a glorious gospel shebang — choir, organ, the full Free Willy. This song is very pretty, and it’s only stoking my already formidable anticipation for Smith’s album. Hear it below.

Excruciatingly, In The Lonely Hour has been pushed back from 5/26 to 6/17 via Capitol. A “Stay With Me” single will see release 5/18.

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  1. I’m worried for Sam. My worry is that the label is going to push him to sound generic rather than eclectic. He has a great voice, the Disclosure track was a standout and “Money on My Mind” was great as well, but this? This doesn’t really have an identity to it, unless you count it as music for the closing death scene on Grey’s Anatomy or something.

    • Yeah, hit the nail on the head. This feels very much like a filler song.

    • I can see what your saying, but everything I’ve heard from the album, minus Money on My Mind have this very sad and lonely feel to it. The songs I heard live are also like this and I think that isn’t a bad thing. He hasn’t been in music for very long and I think he needs to work on his songwriting, but with a voice like he has, I find it hard to worry. I personally enjoy this song more than ‘Money on My Mind’. It feels more personal and I think the gospel background really helps it come to life. One gripe is that it seems like most of his songs are very short and to the point, so I hope he can continue to work on that. He seems popular enough in the UK that he should be able to do what he wants with his work after this.

    • He can very easily be that type of singer. From the live, stripped-down versions of his songs on the Nirvana EP and his earnest lyrics, I’m not surprised if that’s what he identifies himself with artistically.

      In fact I think a ton of singers working with eclectic producers these days is very much a major company label marketing scheme. Not to take away from his artistic integrity and choices, but I never really saw his collaborations much of an identifier of his own vision…maybe because his voice is so emotive and pop-accessible that he’s bound to be grouped with “that” kind of music.

  2. This is way too M.O.R. and adult contemporary. Dissapointed.

    • i dunno, Smith seems like one of those blue-eyed soul types like Jessie Ware who, if you told him he was doing adult contempo, he’d be like “oh dope”

  3. This is way too M.O.R. and adult contemporary. Dissapointed.

  4. I prefer this to Money on Mind. Despite what the lyrical content suggests money on my mind does not strike me as very different from a song one would write as a single for a label it’s fun I enjoy it, but I don’t fond it particularly creative or impressive. While this song might not be over the top original it just strikes me as achieving a more significant emotion and a better over all sound to it.

  5. I think this is a good track, and its good that already there is some variety in his music rather than every track sounding the same. Looking forward ti his gig in Amsterdam on the 4th May (bank holiday weekend!!)

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