Yumi Zouma

They didn’t get back together. It’s probably worth leading with that straightaway if you’re one of the people (like myself) who has never gotten over the breakup of Air France (Joel Karlsson and Henrik Markstedt), whose brief 2008 EP, No Way Down, can topple entire bands’ discographies in terms of pure aural bliss. There’s still nothing quite like it, and two years (to this day) after announcing their breakup, people are still really upset about it. To honor this milestone Yumi Zouma (who have certainly proven themselves worthy thanks to their excellent single “The Brae“) covered “It Feels Good To be Around You,” the 2011 Air France single that hinted at a new stage for the group, but actually ended up amounting to their abrupt final statement. It’s an excellent cover, but the sad surprise comes from the new spoken-word elements mixed in by Karlsson and Markstedt addressing the “could have been” quality most think of in regards to their sorely missed project. The part that stings the most: “Sometimes I think the way we met happened too fast.” Listen and download below. (via The Line Of Best Fit)

Yumi Zouma’s self-titled EP is out now via Cascine.

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