Kurt Cobain comic 1

Apparently, the world needed multiple comic-book biographies of Kurt Cobain. The last one, Barnaby Legg and Jim McCarthy’s Kurt Cobain: The Graphic Novel, came out in 2011. Now, Bluewater Productions, a comic book publisher known for quick biographies of people like John Lennon and Jim Morrison, has taken on the Cobain legacy. Jayfri Hashim wrote and illustrated the new Tribute: Kurt Cobain, which, judging by the pages we’ve seen, looks like a Wikipedia page that’s been illustrated by an early-’90s Image Comics B-teamer. Check out a few images below.

Kurt Cobain comic 2

Kurt Cobain graphic novel 3

Kurt Cobain graphic novel 4

The book is out 4/2, and you can pre-order it here.

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  1. “It all start in 1985″


    This is a massive achievement in the comics medium.

  2. i knew someone from the state of washington, seattle would become commercially success some day

  3. remind me again why this needed to be made?

  4. All of this shit is so weird. Like things you find in the back of those big stores on the interstate in the middle of nowhere bumblefuck Oklahoma weird.

  5. Huh, Tom knows things about comic books! Who knew?
    Also, it’s not *like* that was taken from Wikipedia… seriously, check out the entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirvana_(band)

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