EMA - "3Jane"

In about a week and a half, Erika M. Anderson will release The Future’s Void, her second solo album, and it is incredible. We’ve already posted “Satellites” and “So Blonde,” the album’s first two songs, and now EMA has shared “3Jane,” its third. (I promise that the album isn’t frontloaded, even if I think it’s fascinating to reveal it slowly like that.) “3Jane” is a beautiful, tremulous, shocked song about attempting to exist on the internet and about what that does to your soul. It has lots of pianos and noise, and it will break your heart. Listen below.

The Future’s Void is out 4/8 on Matador.

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  1. I just want to post this on every one of my facebook friends’ profiles with just the words “#selfie” next to it.

  2. this is simply awful

  3. This album is a monster. It’s so big and gothic but vulnerable.

  4. As though she wasn’t already enough of a badass, EMA had to go and put a reference to “Neuromancer” in one of her songs.

    • Dude there’s a song on the album called “Chthulu.” She is not messing around.

    • It makes a lot of sense as a reference for this song, too, because 3Jane is sealed away in a crazy space-mansion called “Villa Straylight” that her family built after they had become insanely rich (and also just insane) from designing AIs and other technology. A really memorable part of the book is when some of the protagonists have to go to the space-mansion, and they find an essay that 3Jane wrote as 12 year old prodigy about the “semiotics” of her home… I think EMA is referencing some of the ideas about escaping the “bright void” of reality and creating a “seamless universe of self” through immersion in the world of the internet.

      This is 3Jane’s “essay” from the book if anyone cares. I realize I’m geeking out real bad here but I love EMA and this is one of my favorite books!

      “The Villa Straylight is a body grown in upon itself, a Gothic folly. Each space in Straylight is in some way secret, this endless series of chambers linked by passages, by stairwells vaulted like intestines, where the eye is trapped in narrow curves, carried past ornate screens, empty alcoves…

      The architects of Freeside went to great pains to conceal the fact that the interior of the spindle is arranged with the banal precision of furniture in a hotel room. In Straylight, the hull’s inner surface is overgrown with a desperate proliferation of structures, forms flowing, interlocking rising toward a solid core of microcircuitry, our clan’s corporate heart, a cylinder of silicon wormholed with narrow maintenance tunnels, some no wider than a man’s hand. The bright crabs burrow there, the drones, alert for micromechanical decay or sabotage…

      By sthe standards of the archipelago ours is an old family, the convolutions of our home reflecting that age. But something else as well. The semiotics of the Villa bespeak a turning in, a denial of the bright void beyond the hull…

      Tessier and Ashpool climbed the well of gravity to discover that they loathed space. They built Freeside to tap the wealth of the new islands, grew rich and eccentric, and began the construction of an extended body in Straylight. We have sealed ourselves away behind our money, growing inward, generating a seamless universe of self…

      The Villa Straylight knows no sky, recorded or otherwise.”

  5. I can’t wait to hear this album. As I’ve said before I wasn’t too big on her debut but it this sounds like a great artistic leap. So pumped.

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