Suicide note

We’ve been hearing about a lot of newly released Kurt Cobain photos lately, and here are some more. The Seattle Police Department has been reviewing the details of Cobain’s case in recent weeks in an effort to douse any reignited conspiracy theories about the nature of his death before they get crackling. They’ve concluded once again that Cobain died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after taking a lethal dose of heroin, and to help prove it, they’ve released a bunch of previously unseen photos from the crime scene. Those images include Cobain’s suicide note, his wallet, and a heroin kit. A few key images are embedded below.

See the full gallery at CBS News.

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  1. thanks, but i think my imagination was more than enough, didn’t really need photos.

  2. Can we please stop with the asinine Cobain garbage internet? No? Okay, then.

    • Unfortunately since we’re approaching 20 years since his death, I feel like this type of coverage will remain through most of April.

      You know how the Internet is with anniversaries…

    • I can’t even begin to fathom how inconvenient all of this must be for you/everyone on the internet… ughh…

  3. fuck this shit

  4. Man kills himself, here’s a pencil as proof.

  5. In the gallery over at, there’s a pic of a cop at the scene, hand comfortable resting on a counter top and half-smiling as if to say, “Oh, just chillin’ at the Cobain suicide scene!” It’s a confusing inclusion/

  6. Seriously, does anyone give a shit? I’d honestly rather read the third installment of “Cole Alexander Puts His Foot In His Mouth” than see a picture of a toilet that Cobain used to take poops in. And that’s setting the bar low…. very low.

    • I give a shit homie. You mad?

      • I’m not mad, I just don’t see the point. None of this recent Cobain “news” is interesting or newsworthy in the slightest – it’s just tabloid-y pictures of his stuff. And for a site that had pointed out the crassness of Kurt’s childhood home being listed at 5 times it’s market value, and the lameness of the alleged former roommate hawking Kurt’s skis, it seems pretty hypocritical to even make these posts. The man’s dead, just let him be dead.

        Why do you give a shit?

  7. Can we get more pics of those Kurt Cobain Halloween costumes?

  8. I give a shit.

  9. Your Heroes are kind of dicks!
    Kurt Cobain left his wife and child
    Sylvia Plath left her two children
    George Washington owned slaves
    Ghandi let his wife die from not taking medicine but used it himself
    Jack Kerouac left his child
    Steve Jobs didn’t acknowledge his child
    John Lennon abandoned Julian Lennon

  10. was he really a dirty smack – head

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