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This week we paid tribute to the late Oderus Urungus and celebrated 10 years of Madvillainy. The Black Keys returned with “Fever” and Black Lips’ Cole Alexander shared some interesting opinions on Lorde, Drake, and Macklmore. Chris reported from the front lines of the emo revival with a profile of Into It. Over It., who happen to be playing this year’s Lollapalooza along with headliners like Eminem, Kings Of Leon, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris. We recommended new releases from Future Islands and Kevin Gates. And we wanna remind you that Arcade Fire’s bobblehead is still missing so if you stole it please give it back.


#10 raptor jesus | Mar 24th Score:19

Your post is time stamped at 4:20

America’s Most Blunted

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#9 undergroundspoon | Mar 24th Score:20

Meh, this one’s just ok.

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#8 michael_ | Mar 25th Score:20

Lorde’s succeeds is fed by Chris Deville’s whole monogenre hypothesis. To your average pop fans, her music sounds smart, and to your more descriminatory “indie” listeners, her music and image isn’t as offensive as your regular pop star. She’s been spotted both palling around with Taylor Swift and tweeting Perfect Pussy lyrics. I think there’s maybe two or three pretty good singles on her debut, and the rest sounds the same, but that’s exactly the reason why she’s where she’s at today: She’s “pretty good” from all angles.

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Taylor Creery | Mar 24th Score:21

..I hate that I’m starting to resent the Danger Mouse more and more for his influences on producing.

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#6 johnnyfuckhead | Mar 24th Score:22

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Josh Robertson | Mar 24th Score:24

I like it because it the Black Keys, I hate it because it sucks.

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#4 austinrobert | Mar 25th Score:24

Actually, I wouldn’t mind hearing what Mark Kozelek has to say about Skrilly.

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Douglas Crystals | Mar 25th Score:25

So in other words:

“Lorde sucks cause she makes assumptions. But the assumptions I make clearly discredit hers so yeah”

“I like ignorant rap. Drake is not ignorant enough”

“Macklemore sucks though cause he kinda has an ignorant line in his rap song. I don’t like that. Plus, it’s racist to use pitched down vocals because pitched down vocals can only mean a black man’s voice. How ignorant of ryan lewis”


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#2 babyastronauts | Mar 25th Score:29

The reason I, as a white person, do not get offended when a black person calls me honky is not because I have white guilt. It’s because I have a level of self awareness to understand that “honky” was never a word used to enslave and degrade my race and carries virtually no power in society and never has.

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Eggy Chickingboy | Mar 26th Score:37

Worst. Lineup. Ever.

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#5 michael_ | Mar 24th Score:-7

If you publicly embarrass me (which he did,) I’ll return the favor. As for the reading, it’s always nice to learn more about the person and see if they truly are as every bit of the asshole you are assuming them to be, which it sounds like he is.

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#3 babyastronauts | Mar 24th Score:-8

hello there 2007 MGMT

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#2 miguelito1 | Mar 25th Score:-8

The flaw in Owen’s theory is that “Teenage Dream” is the worst Katy Perry hit ever, in my opinion – and that’s why it ended up kind of a minor hit compared to her others. Almost totally devoid of melody. Literally nothing musically interesting about it – I could deconstruct almost all of Owen’s loony points one-by-one. And he hates on the Sabbath “Paranoid” melody by comparison – what?! I’m a fan of most of Katy Perry’s hits but “Teenage Dream” was a hit for one reason only – the phrase “Let’s go all the way tonight”, which titillated 11 year olds.

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Stephanie Simons | Mar 27th Score:-14

I feel like shit for thinking it, but I’m glad this happened in Texas. :( RIP, y’all.

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raptor jesus | Mar 25th Score:13

Ke$sha meant to dial “Lips, Flaming” but accidentally dialed “Lips, Black”

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  1. MSU is going to the Final Four. Suck it Virginia!

  2. It doesn’t help that I’ve been mega sad lately (what else is new…) but approaching April, Coachella weekend usually means that there’s quite a few “event” album releases, and this year, I can’t think of anything really coming up that I’m excited for. I dunno… So far this year, I’ve liked some albums just fine, but nothing has really knocked me off my feet yet and all of the new bands making noise sound like the bands I’ve already heard a year or two ago.

    • Comparing last year’s onslaught of major bands supporting just-released or about-to-be-released albums around Coachella to this year’s is actually pretty abysmal:

      2013: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, Sigur Ros, Vampire Weekend and James Blake
      2014: Uhh… Lana Del Rey? Afghan Whigs?

      • Between War on Drugs, St. Vincent, Wild Beasts, Damon Alban, Banks etc. I’m really looking forward to this years festivals. Plus Chvrches and the like are still doing festivals by the looks of it. Glasto should be a hoot.

        • Oh see, you’re in England. America has kind of shot itself in the foot with its festivals by oversaturating the market with them and now very few of the big ones feel any different from each other.

          • That’s why I think medium sized festivals are where it’s at nowadays. I won’t go to Sasquatch anymore. I’m just going to Bumbershoot from now on. Amazing art festival and only 120 bucks or so for 3 days. Can’t wait regardless of the lineup.

          • I agree. I probably won’t make it out there this year, but FYF Fest’s lineup is always great if your tastes lie somewhere between esoteric indie and punk / hardcore, which means it doesn’t look like too many other festivals out there and only gets better. Two days for $99, and I think i saw more bands I actually cared about seeing in a single day than I saw at all three days of Coachella last year. I usually am forced to miss bands, actually. I’m not sure how this year is going to go down, though, because the normal venue at the State Park is closed to renovations, and a first year trying out a new location could mean annoying logistical issues.

  3. Just saw M_’s # 5 lowest rated comment and went through the Cloud Nothings post comments. Am I really the only one who thought reading about that interaction was great? I’m not that active here anymore so that was the first I saw of it so maybe I’d be sick of it otherwise, but IDK, I love hearing about shit like that… even if it was a one sided personal attack. I’d have to hear the other dudes side or read more about him to judge, but for now I’d be on team _.

    Honestly, god forbid someone make an entertaining comment that disparages a band you like. Kanye West is almost definitely a D-Bag IRL but I’d still consider giving him an HJ if he asked me to b/c I love his music so much. It’s ok if musicians we are fans of turn out to be assholes, they are entertainers. As much as we want to imagine hanging out with so and so band they aren’t our friends.

    • i think its more of the fact that he somehow feels the need to bring it up in every single cloud nothings related article and at this point he’s beating a dead horse

    • Thanks, plb. Every so often I find myself in this confusing, frustrating relationship with artists, labels or other professional entities of the indie music world who put me on the same pedestal as Pitchfork / Stereogum / Spin / Noisey writers, and I wish — oh, basically everyone — would realize that my only intention is to write about music I want to share with the world in a much more thoughtful way than most other blogs (or even the most popular tastermakers) do because it’s my creative outlet. I think the only self-important thing I wouldn’t mind is more eyeballs on my site, but I don’t plan on making money off the thing or parlaying my work into a professional writing career (as if that’s even possible these days…) Thus, I am not at the same level of responsibility as the writers here or the other big sites where they’ve a career to uphold and a standard of professionalism to practice in what they post here or on their social media accounts. If a writer here started a tweet spat between Baldi, it would put the Stereogum brand at risk of not getting any premiers, interviews or booking the band for their SXSW parties. It’s not like Carpark or Cloud Nothings are biting at the opportunity for me to cover them. I didn’t even get a promo copy of the new album. I had to wait for it to leak / stream just like everyone else. If anything, I’m giving them free publicity and my free time for that matter. If you get ticked at me, you are essentially getting ticked at your consumer and thus, you might as well get ticked at every other person on Twitter who is saying something you disagree with. That would be a very time-wasting endeavor, hence my annoyance with Baldi vs. me even happening.

      I do my best to use my Twitter account to share content I’ve posted on my blog, but from time to time, I will tweet out the occasional editorial or personal rumination, and I always have. I’m just a human, not a business. It never ceases to amaze me how some people (be it bands, labels, writers or readers) who aren’t so slick at Twitter themselves and use it to build their “personal brand” with tweets about banal RT-baiting thoughts will start World War III with me by calling me a negative jerk or whatever upon reading an opinion or thought they don’t like, failing to acknowledge that I write a website where the mass of positive reflections within my posts severely outweighs the occasional angsty tweet by a hyperbolic ratio of 100:1. They want me to uphold a standard that they themselves don’t even practice. It’s a very pimp and whore relationship. For example the lead singer from a buzzy UK dream pop band e-mails me whenever the band releases a new song or video. I would in all likeliness read about the news elsewhere where it’s officially premiered and write about it, but I find it so odd how the band member feels the need to inform me personally about the news with the understood expectation that I will write about it. When I do however, there is no retweeting of my post (maybe a “favorite” at best) but there is of every post from “proper” web sites, and it’s kind of bullshit, because I will write much more eloquent musings about the track or video than these “professional” web sites, so would it kill the person to pay it forward for once? I’m helping you out, so do me a solid and put more eyes on my web site.

    • I think that michael_ often has interesting contributions to this community but it’s kind of ironic that he can’t let go of something someone posted on the internet, but maybe that’s just me.

      • It’s more so a thing of feeling embarrassed by it rather than not being able to just let go. When Baldi tweeted that out I was a “whiney piece of shit,” I lost a large quantity of quality readers who up until that moment, I’d been chill with. If it were just a regular reader with a couple hundred of followers (like myself for example,) it wouldn’t mean much because those words don’t go far, but when you have the lead singer of one of the most popular indie bands right now saying it and saying it out to his 4,000 followers (which include other bands, labels, web sites, writers) it damages your reputation, and what sucks is that being the little guy, you don’t have much recourse to stand up for yourself, because of course everyone is going to side with the cool Pitchfork-friendly band guy.

  4. That number 1 worst comment was pretty dark.

    • Hopefully she meant because of the capital punishment. Still kind of callous but at least more understandable than the way I first interpreted it.

  5. Props for Michael for being on both sides of the list. Incredible talent there.

  6. Never mind the reason why, seeing the “Cryptograms” album cover with no caption hit the Top 10 comments of the week makes me VERY happy. Gonna go listen to it now.

  7. New Swans album just leaked.

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