Puff Daddy - "Big Homie" video

Sean Combs is just fun to watch. The rapper, who recently reverted to Puff Daddy form after years as Diddy, just came back roaring with his ridiculous and overblown new Rick Ross/French Montana collab “Big Homie.” And now we get the video, wherein he struts through liquor stores and Waffle Houses while trailing a serious entourage of rap luminaries. I’m pretty sure nobody has done the toothpick-in-the-mouth thing that well since Chow Yun Fat in Hard-Boiled. Watch it below.

“Big Homie” is out on iTunes now, and there’s a new album called Money Making Mitch on the way.

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  1. Those fur coats are disgusting.

    I’ll betcha that if presented with video evidence of how the animals where kept in tiny cages for their entire lives, then mercilessly tortured and slaughtered in order to become those fur coats, Diddy and co. would shrug their collective shoulders and make ignorant statements like “…well, God put those animals on the Earth for us to use…” or “…go worry about yourself…” or some nonsense.

    It’s pretty sad that in recent years, fur has become quite popular in the African American community.

    For a group of people who’ve been collectively oppressed for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years, you’d think they’d be able to empathize with innocent, defenseless animals who are just trying to live their lives.

    • ^ equated slavery to a fur coat.

      • Sir Charles,

        I equated slavery with the following:

        - The animals destined to be fur coats are confined to tiny cages their entire lives

        - The animals destined to be fur coats are forced to breed with one another, and when they come to term, the mothers’ offspring are forcibly removed from them

        - The animals destined to be fur coats are mercilessly tortured-to-death through drowning, clubbing, rectal electrocution…all sorts of nasty stuff

        Question is this…do Diddy and co. relish the fact that the animals where put through hell in order to be worn as a coat.

        Maybe their not sadistic per-se, but their blindness to the sadistic nature in which the animals are treated is disturbing, at best.

  2. Puffy seems insecure.

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