2013 Austin City Limits Music Festival - 2nd Weekend - Day 2

Today marks the release of S. Carey’s spectacular Range Of Light. Carey is a member of Bon Iver, and he’s worked with Justin Vernon on other projects by Doe Paoro and Astronautalis, which got us thinking: That Justin Vernon gets around! Vernon’s been a serial collaborator since before Bon Iver even entered our collective radar, and SNL-impression-worthy rock stardom has only increased the number of circles he runs in. His output spans genres, aesthetics, and degrees of fame, to the point that it’s impossible to predict who he’ll link up with next. Vernon’s unmistakable voice has been spotted crooning about starfuckers on a Kanye track in Paris, churning out soft rock with underground mainstays Gayngs in Minneapolis, or gently guiding a traditional folk ballad by the Chieftains in Dublin. He’s been responsible for rugged garage rock with the Shouting Matches, expansive post-rock with Volcano Choir, and experiments verging on black metal with Colin Stetson. His sheer number of connections is baffling, and if you start to factor in all the connections to his connections, Kevin Bacon style, you’re going to need a map.

So we made one with help from Michaela Schuett. Behold the Justin Vernon family tree (click to enlarge)…

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  1. Jesus, Stereogum, stop sucking this guy’s dick!

    …so I can get some!

  2. Read the title and immediately knew it was a piece by Chris.

    …I’ll say this is a good thing!

  3. I’m surprised you guys missed his huge collaboration with Anais Mitchell on Hadestown. Not only is he all over that album, but there’s a bunch of artists on there that would expand this tree out even farther.

  4. Obviously this was constrained by size, but you could tie him from David Byrne and James Blake to Brian Eno which means he’s only 2 or 3 degrees removed from like 90% of the most exciting music to come out of the last quarter of the 20th century

  5. Not to be super boring but P.O.S.’s name should be in blue, there’s a Justin Vernon feature on his last album.

  6. !!!

    love it

  7. Travi$ Scott is missing.

  8. now do lou bega

  9. Tom Waits: weirdo singer-songwriter


  10. Left out Chief Keef

  11. What happened to Land of Talk???

  12. Justin Vernon was impersonated by Justin Timberlake, who starred in Runner Runner with Ben Affleck, who starred in The Sum of All Fears with Morgan Freeman, who played a detective in Seven with Brad Pitt, who starred in Sleepers with……………………………….KEVIN BACON!!!!!!

  13. He’s also on three tracks on Amy Ray’s 2014 album, Goodnight Tender

  14. among other things, sylvan esso should be connected via megafuan, also Jusitn was at their last williamsburg show screaming right next to me in the crowd like a boss

  15. and mountain man of course

  16. When Kanye finds out you made his name that small, he’s gonna be pissed!

  17. He produced the Blind Boys’ latest album too.

  18. It’s kind of weird to include his high school jazz band.

  19. Damn. Or in other words, Justin Vernon pwns. The comments made it even more difficult for me to try and listen to everything he’s been on. Thanks comments section, geez.

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