Girl Talk and Freeway - "Tolerated" video

This, right here, is the best music video I’ve seen in a long-ass time. Philly rap firebreather Freeway and party-starting Pittsburgh producer Girl Talk have teamed up on a new mixtape called Broken Ankles, and today they’ve gifted us with the video for “Tolerated,” the Enon-sampling song they debuted onstage last year. The clip is structured like the Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony” video — Greg Gillis and Free walking down the street and crashing into randoms — but it quickly devolves into Fangoria-ready kung-fu battles and wedding brawls. Waka Flocka Flame shows up and drops a verse while chewing on a human arm. Waka Flocka Flame’s pet vulture is not the best part of this video; I don’t know if I can put things any more plainly than that. Allen Cordell directs, and his fight-choreography game is on point. Watch it below. Seriously, it’s great.

Broken Ankles will be up for free download 4/8.

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  1. Was I the only one hoping for an epic showdown between Girl Talk/Freeway and Waka?

  2. best rap video i’ve seen since killer mike’s big beast video

  3. I feel like this video has a lot in common with the Run the Jewels video for “36″ Chain”

    Great video, but the “A Christmas Fucking Miracle” video is still the best I’ve seen in a long ass time.

  4. Really feeling Girl Talk’s Jordans. So best video of the week.

  5. Is that Clerks @ ~ 32 seconds?
    “Berserker” maybe

  6. Awesome Enon sample (“Rubber Car”) at 2:30.

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