Chris Martin and Blake Shelton on The Voice.

True Confessions time: I watched just about every episode of the first three seasons of The Voice. It was actually a pretty good show! That was when the judging panel was Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee-Lo, and Xtina. The next season, Shakira and Usher replaced Cee-Lo and Xtina, and the show lost whatever magical chemistry made it special, and then it brought back Cee-Lo and Xtina, but it still kinda sucked, and THEN it pulled the Cee-Lo-Xtina/Shakira-Usher swap AGAIN, and now it all just feels really desperate and sad to me. It’s not like the musicians on the show are ever any good, so you’re really only watching for the judges, right? Anyway, as part of The Voice’s continual flailing, the show enlisted the newly single Chris Martin as guest coach, meaning he meets with the contestants and gives them advice on how to step up their respective games. The first Voice segment with Martin aired last night, and you can watch footage of his contributions below, although it’s pretty useless stuff. (“Use a mic stand as a prop,” etc.) He’s back on the show tonight and next Monday. In other recent Voice news: NBC confirmed via tweet that Pharrell will join the judging panel next season:

I really like Pharrell, so maybe that will be enticement for me to watch again, but honestly it’s been a few years now and I don’t miss it one bit, so … probably not? (I have seen every episode of The Sing-Off, though. That’s my favorite singing show by far, and Ben Folds is the best judge on TV, any category, period.) Anyway, here’s Coach Martin:

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  1. True Confessions Time: If they had a reality show that was just Adam and Blake hanging out together just doing everyday things like grocery shopping, I would watch it all day.

  2. Nelson, the first season of the Sing Off was a revelation. No question. But as you keep watching in subsequent seasons it’s clear Ben Folds isn’t THAT good. Breaking down the tonal nuances of a group singing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis loses its appeal in the midst of holiday season. The show isn’t that consistently entertaining. Lil Mama on America’s Best Dance Crew is probably a better judge. Nigel is good. Maybe the dance judges are better than singing judges.

    • Man, Nigel gives me the fucking creeps, just a very lecherous-seeming person. I stopped watching that show when all the good choreographers (notably Shane and ESPECIALLY Wade) started to disappear and they started going to Mandy Moore and Stacy Tooky for like five routines per episode. It became very boring for me. Also Mary Murphy may be the worst judge on TV today. Lil Mama is pretty good but I’ve only seen three or four episodes of that show. I’d agree that Sing-Off is inconsistent, but the good groups are really fun to watch — the Beelzebubs in the first season, Pentatonix a couple years ago, that country group last year. I dunno, I just love watching that stuff.

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