Courtney Love hasn’t exactly had a terrific artistic track record over the past decade and a half; her last essential album was Hole’s 1998 release, Celebrity Skin. So it makes sense that she’d reunite the band responsible for that album. Her timing for announcing this news is pretty gross — we’re a few days away from the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide — but look, Courtney has a tendency to do pretty gross things, and in this regard, she’s at least no worse than the Seattle PD. In an interview with The Quietus, Courtney confirmed that she’s reunited with Melissa Auf Der Maur, Eric Erlandson, and Patty Schemel, and they’re playing together as Hole, and in fact working on new material. (One pedantic note: While Schemel was credited as playing on Celebrity Skin, she did not actually perform on the album, and quit the band soon after its release.) Maybe Courtney can get Billy Corgan to help out with the songwriting again, unless he’s too busy doing other things.

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  1. Live Through This was the only Hole album worth discussing.

    • Celebrity Skin was great! Of course Live Through This is the true classic in her catalog, but the band that created that album died with Kristen Pfaff (RIP) in 1995.

  2. I would have been so into this if she had properly reunited Hole the first time around, but everything Courtney does or says or thinks is a bad idea, so go figure.

    ’90s nostalgia needs to be put to bed for good already. Hopefully by 2015, people begin itching to see Carlos D return to Interpol or pushing for a Blood Brothers reunion or something.

  3. *checks the date on both posts to see if it’s still April Fools. It isn’t. Commences rejoicing*

    You guys just made my day with this news!! :D

  4. There is nothing gross about this relative to the anniversary. It is equally gross or not gross on any day. The anniversary is artificial. They have meaning when used to anchor a retrospective look back on something like an album or Kurt’s suicide, but not as a bludgeon for anything CL does. I mean, she probably also is going to eat lunch and take a crap on the anniversary as well, can you believe it???

    • I actually think it’s a little gross for Kurt Cobain’s widow to announce the reformation of her old band — the band that became famous while she was married to Kurt Cobain, at least in part BECAUSE of her marriage to Kurt Cobain — a few days before the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide: a moment at which media interest in Kurt Cobain is especially intense. Maybe the timing is just coincidental, though, and she didn’t realize this Saturday marks 20 years since her husband killed himself?

      • What was the date of the interview- what were the questions the interviewer asked? Did she just reveal this in a press release or in response to an interview question? I think you were putting context on the response that maybe doesn’t bear scrutiny. You know I got your back, MN, but your comment might have been a little out of left field. Yes, Hole got big because of a few things, not least of which was Nirvana blowing up. Also contributing: Riot Grrl blowing up, Seattle blowing up, etc. Asking that Courtney Love define herself forever because of her likely super unhealthy marriage that ended with the death of Kurt 20 years ago maybe is not unfair. Possibly also has some sexist undertones. And I don’t necessarily care about any of this, just thought the comment sounded tossed off and possibly unfair.

        • The interview was conducted last night; I dunno how the question was phrased. In any case, it was at best tactless to reveal that information and not request that it not be made public in this particular week when Kurt Cobain Death Anniversary coverage is so ubiquitous. (Ex.: “Yeah, we are making some new music as Hole, but maybe don’t publish that bit of news until after the Kurt stuff has passed? It might appear somewhat opportunistic and maybe even a little gross to have that trending on Twitter right now?”) It’s that kinda stuff that insures she continue to be defined by her unhealthy marriage that ended in suicide 20 years ago. (She doesn’t do herself any favors by publicly continuing to go by the name Courtney Love Cobain, either.) And I say this as a fan of her music!

          • So maybe you are saying she shouldn’t have done the interview? What if the entire rest of the interview was about the 20th anniversary of the suicide and then there were some questions about “what do you have going on now?”- if you don’t know that context, I think the finger wag is on you.

            Now I am going to watch the video for “Awful” with my onion belt.

          • I gotta add one more thing. Courtney is a mess and I can’t defend her, but the idea that she’s supposed to tread carefully or respectfully because her husband and father of their kid committed suicide, this is a difficult corner you are painting her into. I think if my spouse/parent of my kid(s) did something like that I would be mad/hurt/devastated for a SUPER long time, and I think I would probably feel like I would get to say what I would talk about on every day after that event, as all days equally afterwards are affected by the event. In short, I think Michael Nelson is being kind of gross about this! :/

          • I don’t think she “has to” tread carefully on this or any subject, and I’m not sure if she has ever treaded carefully on this or any subject, but I do think NOT treading carefully leaves her open to accusations of tactlessness! (Or, more harshly, grossness.) Is it insensitive or sanctimonious of me to make such accusations? Eh, maybe it is. But that was my reaction just the same. (Given the chance, I might revise my phrasing to say, “Her timing for announcing this news is a little awkward/cringe-inducing…”) Also: “Awful” is my favorite Hole song!

  5. Auf Der Maur didn’t play on the album. She joined after Kristen Pfaff died of an overdose.

  6. a waste of a perfectly good melissa auf der maur

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