As if the pigeon shit wasn’t enough, a recent Kings Of Leon show might be the site for another natural calamity: A measles outbreak. The Seattle Times reports that a Whatcom County woman who had a confirmed case of measles traveled all over Western Washington while she was contagious last month. One of those locations was a Kings Of Leon show at Seattle’s Key Arena on 3/28. Apparently, one lady with measles is enough to raise alarms there, since you just have to have been in the same place, around the same time, to be exposed to the disease. So if you’re not immune to measles and you were at that show, make sure you don’t have any measles.

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  1. sex on fire: behind the music

  2. That sounds awful.

    Attending a Kings of Leon concert I mean.


  3. “Fuck, I knew we shouldn’t have taken the baby to the show!” – Anti-vaccine parents

  4. Measles to headline Lollapalooza

  5. So happy to see eradicated diseases making a comeback. COME ON, POLIO, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  6. “Measles Patients May Have Been Exposed to Kings Of Leon”

  7. I’m sure that wasn’t the worst thing the audience was exposed to that night.

  8. not as bad as when i got scurvy at a POD concert

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