Live's Ed Kowalczyk Is Still Around And He's Covering Imagine Dragons

Since leaving Live in 2009, Ed Kowalczyk has released three solo albums (most recently last year) and is wrapping up a US tour right now. Yesterday, the singer posted a cover of Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” that he performed for an Australian radio station. He also shared some words about how the song has inspired him: “I resonate with this song on a few levels; first, Radioactive was the name of the label of my late friend and mentor, the legendary Gary Kurfirst. Gary signed me to my first record contract when I was 20 years old – he was such an amazing friend to all of his artists, and a true visionary. Second — it’s a great melody, and I like those :)”. Watch below.

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  1. Well that’s, uh… something.

  2. so yeah, Throwing Copper came out 20 years ago.

  3. They ruined their career when they named an album “Secret Samadhi”. Cool, Ed, yr into Zen or whatever, but Samadhi? WTF? Oh, also they totally sucked a bag.

  4. That lightning crashes song is a’ight.

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